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Dienstag, 09. September 2008

Guaranteed doping-free! “TV total High Diving 2008”

The Olympic Games have finished, but for some model athletes, things are only just beginning. In Stefan Raab’s High Dive event, the very courageous summersault, twist and dive for their lives from a vertiginous height. Water is merciless and hard – at least from a certain height: only a few seconds determine victory or defeat, joy or pain... “TV total High Dive 2008” LIVE from the Olympic Swimming Pool in Munich – on Saturday, October 18, 2008, at 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben.
In the TV total High Diving, it is the participants who determine from what height they dive: competitors traditionally line up in two disciplines, the individual and synchronous dive – either from the three-meter board, the five- or the seven-meter tower. Last year, Stefan Raab’s long-term rival, Joey Kelly was victorious, with a perfectly-performed double summersault from a handstand from the seven-meter tower. The otherwise more reserved Irishman celebrated his achievement with a veritable explosion of emotion. Winning the synchronous dive last year was the “old-timer duo” Kai Böcking and Norbert Dobeleit. Stefan Raab, who came fifth last year, would like to improve his performance this time around. In addition to guest host Stefan Raab and the title defenders, this year’s contestants include “Galileo” presenter Daniel Aminati, Gina-Lisa, Ben, “Mundstuhl” duo Lars and Ande, Michael Meziani, among others.
Oliver Welke hosts the water spectacle live from Munich’s Olympic Swimming Pool. As the poolside reporters, Sonya Kraus and Matthias Opdenhövel hunt down the soundbytes, with Ron Ringguth providing commentary on the dives performed by the aquatic athletes.
“TV total High Diving 2008” from the Olympic Swimming Pool in Munich – on Saturday, October 18, 2008, at 8:15 p.m. LIVE on ProSieben!
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