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Mittwoch, 17. September 2008

SevenOne International sells “Beat your Host!” to China

SevenOne International has sold the Chinese distribution rights for “Schlag den Raab” (“Beat your Host!”) (producer: Raab TV/BRAINPOOL) to Idea Asia Limited. Idea Asia represents a number of prominent content providers, including Sony Pictures Television International and FremantleMedia.

SevenOne International has successfully placed several TV shows in the Chinese market. A dubbed version of the Sat.1 show "Clever" (producer: Constantin Entertainment) is being shown on CCTV, and the ProSieben informational programme “Galileo” currently airs on Chinese state television.

Jens Richter, Managing Director of SevenOne International: "We’re very happy to be working with Idea Asia in the Chinese market. This powerful partner has an outstanding network, which has helped us to place the premium show ‘Beat your Host!” with one of the major Chinese TV stations.”

SevenOne International has sold “Beat your Host!” to 13 counties so far. In Great Britain, ITV1 broadcast “Beat the Star” between April and June 2008 and managed to attract up to 25% of all viewers for each episode. The premiere of the Swedish “Vem kan slå Filip och Fredrik” ran last week on Kanal 5 with a market share of 39.5% (15-44). The French station TF1 will also introduce this innovative format later this year, entitled “Qui peut battre Benjamin Castaldi?”.

Beat your Host!

There’s never been a show in which the audience competes against the host. On “Beat your Host!”, each contestant challenges the host to win truly fantastic amounts of money. The minimum prize on the German version of the show is €500,000. If the host wins, the prize money goes into the jackpot. The winning challenger takes the cash home. The host and contestant face off in a number of different challenges, which are based on skills, sports, knowledge, daring, and, last but not least, sheer luck. Only candidates with both brains and brawn have a chance of winning.

SevenOne International

SevenOne International is the worldwide programming distribution company of the ProSiebenSat.1 Group, one of the biggest and most successful European media groups, represented in 13 countries with 26 free TV and 24 pay TV channels. SevenOne International offers an extensive portfolio of TV events, TV movies, telenovelas, primetime programming, mini-series, magazines and entertainment formats. In addition, SevenOne International markets and co-finances programmes from third parties. The company headquarters are located in Unterföhring, near Munich. The Managing Director is Jens Richter.

Idea Asia

Idea Asia is a subsidiary of Asia Global Holdings Corporation and represents SevenOne International, 2waytraffic, Sony Pictures Television International, Zeal Entertainment, FremantleMedia and Absolutely Independent as a rights dealer in the Chinese market. Asia Global Holdings Corporation has a number of subsidiaries in the areas of media and advertising, marketing and TV entertainment. The company has offices in the United States, Hong Kong and China.

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