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Samstag, 20. April 2013

Round two of Germany’s most successful game: “Beat your Host- Game 2”.

From TV show to game hit: With sales of more than 200,000, Germany’s most successful and profitable game of 2010 was “Beat your Host – the Game”. Now the game is set to reach even greater heights in the next round: in “Beat your Host – Game 2”, Ravensburger has packed 40 new battles from the TV show into the game, along with more than 250 implements, including smart supporting stands for the TV heroes, Stefan Raab and Matthias Opdenhövel. In the game, 2-6 players line up against each other for combat in gripping contests. The pursuits - from “Draw a Song” to “Chopsticks”- make the same demands on the contestants as the original TV game show: skill, knowledge, speed and a willingness to take risks.

Stand the “Stefan” figure on his “legs”, fasten the round-counter to the box, and you’re all set for the game show in your living room. The choice of discipline to be contested is decided either by the wheel-of-fortune or a designated “presenter”. During the duels, “Stefan” and his chosen opponent are tested to the limit: in “Chopsticks”, players must drag 7 balls into a container using chopsticks – which is easy for those who’ve had a lot of practice at a Chinese restaurant! Or you may have to use your mouth: In “Tongue Twister”, speed and pronunciation determine who has the edge. For example, in one minute you must reel off the following sentence as often as possible, without making mistakes: “Allergic Algerians, Algerian Allergics”! The battle continues with “Penalties”: who’ll land the most goals with the spongy ball in their opponent’s net, using a bat the size of a pencil? In “Beat your Host – Game 2” contestants must again answer questions against the clock from the classic quiz “Shame or Cash”. Players must also be able to pinpoint places on a map of the world as accurately as possible in the game “Where is it?” Having the game’s predecessor at home already makes it even better: playing both editions together means that the random wheel can select from a wealth of over 70 games. The most spectacular game ideas from the TV programme have been converted into a home-friendly version. The TV show lasts several hours, however the board game can be varied – whether short and spontaneous or a whole party long. Unfortunately, the briefcase of cash can only be won in the TV version!

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