Company / History

  • 2018

    May 7: Strong! "Schlag den Henssler" achieves best market share in this year with 13.0 percent

    May 22: Der Deutsche Comedypreis (German Comedy Award) for the first time live on Sunday, October 7 on RTL

    May 30: "Schlag den Star" (Beat the star) comes back! More shows, more stars, more entertainment: ProSieben broadcasts the two new episodes on Thursday, July 26 and August 9!


    April 4: „Die Faisal Kawusi Show“ starts on Friday, April 13, 10:35 pm in SAT.1

    April 9: Luke Mockridge thrilled on Friday in the Prime Time with the TV premiere of his second solo program "Luke Mockridge live - Lucky Man" in SAT.1 strong 11.0 percent of the 14- to 49-year-olds

    April 14: The new episodes of „LUKE! Die Woche und ich“ start with optimum market shares. 14.2 percent of the 14- to 49-year-olds watch the show. Afterwards, Faisal Kawusi celebrates a successful SAT.1 debut: His new comedy late-night "The Faisal Kawusi Show" thrilled 10.1 percent of the viewers


    March 11: "Faltos" is "Das Ding des Jahres" (The next big thing) and wins 2.5-million-advertsing time

    March 25: candidate Xabier wins one million euro in "Schlag den Henssler"

    March 26: WDR sends „PussyTerror TV“ on the air in Das Erste weekly after May 17 every Thursday at 10:45 pm

    February February 10: "The Next Big Thing" launched with strong ratings! The new show opened with a 14,9% share in the 14-49 year-olds

    January 1st: The new inventor show "The Next Big Thing" starts on February 9 and 10 at 8.15 pm on ProSieben

    January 11: Kaya Yanar hosts new comedy show in  SAT.1. „Guckst Du?! Kayas große Kinoshow“ starts on Friday, February 23 at 8.15 pm

    January 26: Luke Mockridge wins the German Television Award for his late-night “LUKE! Die Woche und ich”

    January 31: Amazon renews Pastewka for a ninth season on Prime Video

  • 2017

    December 17: "Schlag den Henssler": jackpot and market share rise. The show reaches 11,6 percent market share of the 14-49-year olds on ProSieben

    December 23: Luke Mockridge and BRAINPOOL establish the shared production company „LUCKY PICS“


    November 6: Steffen Henssler wins against 25-year old soldier in "Schlag den Henssler". The show reaches 10,7 percent market share of the 14-49-year olds on ProSieben

    November 8: Lena Gercke, Joko Winterscheidt und REWE-sales boss Hans-Jürgen Moog are looking for "Das Ding des Jahres". Janin Ullmann hosts the new ProSieben inventor show

    November 14: Luke Mockridge celebrates the 90ies with David Hasselhoff, Caught in the Act and DJ Bobo on November 17 at 8:15 pm in SAT.1. 15,3 percent of the 14-49-year olds are watching!


    October 4: Strong start for "Schlag den Henssler" on ProSieben. Very good 16,1 percent market share (14-49 year olds)

    October 20: finale of the NightWash Talent Award live on YouTube and Facebook for the first time


    September 5: Chris Tall hosts the "German Comedy Award 2017" on RTL

    September 15: "Simon Pierro live! The iPad magician" on October 27 on RTL

    September 28: That’s funny: The INTERNATIONAL KÖLN COMEDY FESTIVAL starts on October 12th, 2017

    August August 24: New on RTL II: "UNdressed – The date in bed" from October 2nd, 2017

    June 12: Amazon Prime Video announces start of production of the new season of Pastewka

    June 21: "Das Ding des Jahres". Stefan Raab produces new inventor show-series for ProSieben


    May 5: Outstanding performance: "LUKE! The school and I - VIPs against Kids" puts a top start in SAT.1. Luke Mockridge's first major prime-time show attracted 12.6 percent of the 14- to 49-year-old audience

    May 12: The second edition of "LUKE! The School and I - VIPs against Kids" in SAT.1 is growing and enjoys a great 13.0% market share (14-49 years)

    May 20: Lena Gercke calls out Lena Meyer-Landrut at "Schlag den Star" on ProSieben


    April 8: Luke Mockridge meets Atocha Hildmann at "Schlag den Star". Very good 12.6 percent of the 14- to 49-year-olds see Attila Hildmann's last-minute victory at ProSieben

    April 28: Levinas debut album "Unexpected" is available

    April 28: SAT.1 brings the live program of Luke Mockridge into the TV. Luke Mockridge's live program "I'm Lucky, I'm Luke" reaches a very good 11.0 percent market share (14-49 years)


    March 7: BRAINPOOL artist Tahnee starts weekly YouTube-Channel from March 7th

    March 11: Joey Kelly meets Alexander Klaws at "Schlag den Star". Strong 14.7 per cent of the 14- to 49-year-olds see the 73: 47-victory of Joey Kelly on ProSieben


    February 9: The German preselection "Eurovision Song Contest - Our song 2017" was broadcast at 8.15 pm in Das Erste

    February 20: Amazon Prime Video continues award-winning comedy series Pastewka in early 2018


    January 18: Brainpool improves its structure and is expanding its management

    January 27: The fifth season of the "Bülent Ceylan Show" starts on RTL

  • 2016

    December 2: MySpass and Spassgesellschaft release together the new live stage program „H2 Universe – Die Machtergreifung“ of Serdar Somuncu on DVD

    December 2: „Rate mal, wie alt ich bin“ with Matthias Opdenhövel starts at 6.50 pm in Das Erste. „Rate mal, wie alt ich bin“ is based on the French format „Guess my Age“ and was licensed  by Vivendi Entertainment and Brainpool to ARD

    December 10: Detlef D! Soost defeats Thorsten Legat after almost six hours - and very good 15,3 percent of the 14- to 49 year olds watch the show on ProSieben

    December 16: SAT.1 promotes Luke Mockridge with his comedy-show into prime-time. Luke’s year retrospect „LUKE! Das Jahr und ich“ at 8.15 pm on SAT.1


    November 18: Luke Mockridge releases his first live-DVD „I’m lucky, I’m Luke“

    November 9: Record number of visitors at the 26th edition of the International Cologne Comedy Festival! More than 64.000 viewers attended the festival


    October 15: Fabian Hambüchen meets cult-comedian Bülent Ceylan in “Beat the star”. The show reaches very, very good 16,7 percent of the 14- to 49 year olds

    October 20: The 26th edition of the International Cologne Comedy Festival starts

    October 22: "Elton!" starts in KiKA

    October 22: The sold out 1LIVE Köln Comedy Nacht-XXL with moderator Enissa Amani is broadcast for the first time in WDR Fernsehen and on ONE

    October 23: Harder, louder, further! Luke Mockridge is back in SAT.1 - and starts into the third season of his show "LUKE! Die Woche und ich"


    September 17: handball player Andreas Wolff beats dancer Massimo Sinató in „Beat the star“

    September 29: „PussyTerror TV“ with Carolin Kebekus


    July 4: The new show-format "Comedy Champions" starts on RTL II

    July 9: Singer and actor Tom Beck beats moderator Daniel Aminati in "Beat The Star". The live-show reaches strong 14,6 percent of the 14- to 49-year olds!

    July 31: "Der große RTL II-Promi-Kegelabend" was watched by up to 1,57 million viewers


    May 7: In the second edition of "Beat The Star" football-star Arne Friedrich beats Revolverheld-singer Johannes Strate. Good 13,8 percent of the 14- to 49-year olds watch the prime-time-show with moderator Elton

    May 25: The TV-comedy "To the Hallig and back" with Anke Engelke and Charly Hübner is watched by 4,45 mio. viewers in Das Erste!

    April April 9: Grand Premiere for „Beat The Star“ with Elton: 18,5 percent market share in the target group of the 14- to 49-year olds!
    March March 4: The second season of "LUKE! Die Woche und ich" starts in SAT.1
    February February 25: 4,47 million viewers for "Eurovision Song Contest 2016 - Our Song for Stockholm". Jamie-Lee Kriewitz wins the ESC-preselection in Cologne

  • 2015

    December 19: 55th and last edition of "Schlag den Raab" (ProSieben). The show reached a market share of 29.8 % (14-49 year olds)

    December 16: last edition of TV total (ProSieben). The show reached a market share of 21.8 % in the target group of the 14-49 year olds.

    December 11: public broadcaster WDR and comedian Carolin Kebekus continue to cooperate. Further editions of her successful comedy show "PussyTerror TV" will be produced in 2016 - also for WDR and parent network "Das Erste".

    December 4: "TV total Nacht" - last edition


    November 20: "Einmal Hallig und zurück" (arte), TV comedy starred by Anke Engelke and Charly Hübner

    November 28: last edition of "TV total Turmspringen" (ProSieben)


    October 24: 54th edition "Schlag den Raab" (ProSieben)

    October 21: "TV total Headis Spezial" (ProSieben), Stefan Raab lädt zum Kopfball auf der Tischtennisplatte

    October 15-31: 25th International Köln Comedy Festival

    Oktober 10: "TV total Stock Car Crash Challenge 2015" (ProSieben)                 

                     "Popstars Finale" (RTL II) - the new band is: LEANDAH with the song "Tage wie Juwelen"

    Oktober 9/16: "Richtig Fremdgehen" (RTL), Live Comedyshow with Comedian Atze


    September 19: "Bülent & seine Freunde" (Bülent & friends) second season starts on RTL

    September 12: 53rd Ausgabe of "Schlag den Raab" (ProSieben)


    August 29: "Bundesvision Song Contest" in Bremen, Mark Forster gewinnt mit "Bauch und Kopf" für Rheinland-Pfalz, die Show erreicht 15,2% in der Zielgruppe

    August 17: POPSTARS starts on RTL II

    August 15: "Beat your host" (ProSieben)

    August 8: "Beat your host" (ProSieben)


    July 18: "Beat your host" (ProSieben)

    July 4: "Beat your host" (ProSieben)

    June Juni 18: Stefan Raab announces his retreat from the tv-business

    May 23: "Final Eurovision Song Contest"

    May 15: Lenas Album "Chrystal Sky"

    May 2: 2nd edition "Deutscher Eisfußball Pokal" (German Soccer on Ice Championship)

    April April 25: 52nd edition of "Schlag den Raab"

    March 24: TV total is canceled because of a plane crash in the Alpes

    March 21: First edition of "Carolin Kebekus: PussyTerror TV" in WDR Television starts with 1,2 million viewers!

    March 13: First edition of "LUKE! Die Woche und ich" in SAT.1

    13th TVT Wok WM live from Innsbruck on ProSieben

    March 5: ESC-preselection "Our song for Austria" in Hannover. Ann Sophie will represent Germany in the ESC-Finale in Vienna

    February February 19: ESC-Clubconcert in Hamburg. Ann Sophie wins the Wildcard for the ESC-preselection

    January 12-14: videotaping of the second season of "Bülent & his friends" in Heidelberg

    January 10: 51st edition of "Schlag den Raab"

  • 2014

    50th edition of "Schlag den Raab"

    STROMBERG - DER FILM: nominated for the Audience Award of the Bavarian Film Awards


    20th anniversary of the company BRAINPOOL TV

    "TV total Stock Car Crash Challenge" (ProSieben), 10th edition

    "TV total Turmspringen (ProSieben), 10th edition


    STROMBERG - DER FILM: profit distribution. The investors have not only earned their money back but are also making a profit

    24th International Cologne Comedy Festival, 101 shows, 15 locations, more than 200 artists 

    German Comedy Award (RTL), 14th edition

    "SKL-Millionen-Show" (Sat.1)

    "1Live Comedy-Nacht XXL" gains Sold Out Award


    PASTEWKA, 7th season on SAT.1

    STROMBERG - DER FILM, movie on DVD/Blu-ray

    "Bülent & seine Freunde" (RTL)

    "Schlag den Raab" (48th edition)

    "Bundesvision Song Contest" (ProSieben), 10th edition

    "Das große ProSieben Promiboxen 2014"

    August "PASTEWKA series goes to the pictures", all episodes of season 7 shown in 9 CinemaxX-cinemas
    July  "Schlag den Star" (Beat the Star), four new shows
    June "Die deutschen Meister" (Extraordinary Masters) nominated for international TV-Award "Rose d'Or"
    May production start of the NDR/ARTE TV comedy "Die Reise zum Mittelpunkt der Hallig" (Journey to the center of the holm) with Anke Engelke and Charly Hübner

    Wok WM (12th edition live from Schönau/Königssee) on ProSieben 

    “Stromberg – The Film” has 1 million visitors and sees a return on investment after only 3 weeks in the box office!


    "Stromberg - The Film" opens in cinemas in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

    TV total celebrates show number 2000

    Olaf Schubert Live So!, RTL


    "The Millionaire Election" starts live on ProSieben and SAT.1

    TV total broadcasts one week live from New York

    The first part of "Carolin Kebekus live! Pussy Terror" on RTL reaches a market share of 29,1 of the 14-49 year olds!

  • 2013

    the 2nd edition of "Elton zockt - LIVE!" on ProSieben

    the 44th edition of "Beat Raab" live on ProSieben

    "Pastewkas Weihnachtsgeschichte" in SAT.1 reaches a market share of 16,6% of the 14-49 year olds


    the 43rd edition of "Beat Raab" live on ProSieben

    the ninth edition of "TV total Turmspringen" live on ProSieben


    The ninth "TV total Stock Car Crash Challenge" live on ProSieben

    "The German Comedy Award" for the 17th time on RTL

    "Die Deutschen Meister 2013", start of 4 episodes in Das Erste


    "Martin Rütter - Die große Tiershow", 2nd show on RTL

    "The Bülent Ceylan Show", fourth season on RTL

    "TV total Bundestagswahl", the third edition live on ProSieben

    Stefan Raab presents the chancellor duel between Angela Merkel and Peer Steinbrück together with Anne Will, Maybrit Illner und Peter Kloeppel

    the ninth "Bundesvision Song Contest" takes place in SAP Arena in Mannheim

    the 42nd edition of "Beat Raab" live on ProSieben

    August "Martin Rütter - Die große Tiershow", first episode on RTL
    June start of the fifth season of "Beat the star" with Matze Knop on ProSieben

    first edition of "Elton zockt - LIVE!" on ProSieben

    start of the 8th season of "Ladykracher" in SAT.1


    11th WOK WM in Oberhof live on ProSieben

    Strong 14.7 percent market share for "Das große SAT.1 Promiboxen"

    ECHO awards for Lena Meyer-Landrut and Roman Lob


    first edition of "Die Große TV total Prunksitzung" on ProSieben

    "Eurovision Song Contest 2013 - Unser Song für Malmö" - the German preselection show for the ESC live in Das Erste

    production of "Stromberg - Der Film" starts in Cologne

  • 2012

    "Absolute Majority - opinions must pay" premiers on ProSieben.

    "Atze live! Schmerzfrei" on RTL

    "TV total Turmspringen 2012", 8th edition on ProSieben


    "TV total Stock Car Crash Challenge", 8th edition on ProSieben

    "TV total quiz boxing" premiers on ProSieben

    "Stardust" by Lena Meyer-Landrut - Single and Album #2 in Germany


    "Die Bülent Ceylan Show", 3nd season on RTL

    "Pastewka" - The 6th season airs on Sat.1

    The 8th "Bundesvision Song Contest" (ProSieben) takes place in Berlin

    "Cindy aus Marzahn & Die jungen Wilden", 6th season on RTL

    July "Bread and Games – The Great Spectacle of History", airs on Das Erste

    "TV total Autoball EM(TV total Carball European Cup)" on ProSieben with 17.8% market share among viewers aged 14-49

    "Beat the Star", four new episodes on ProSieben

    "Martin Rütter - Die große Hundeshow", 2nd show on RTL

    May Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan. Swedish singer Loreens wins at the Grand Final Show, May 26th. For Germany Roman Lob places 8th.

    "Ladykracher", 7th season on Sat.1

    "RTL Comedy Woche", 1st season on RTL

    "David Werker Live" on RTL


    "Die TV Total Wok-WM X", 10th edition on ProSieben

    "Das große ProSieben Promiboxen" on ProSieben

    "Elton vs. Simon - Die Liveshow" on ProSieben

    "Die Bülent Ceylan Show", 2nd season on RTL

    February "Olaf Schubert Live - Meine Kämpfe" on RTL

    "Unser Star für Baku (Our Star for Baku)", talent show for the German entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku begins.

    "Martin Rütter - Die große Hundeshows", airs on RTL

  • 2011
    November "Stromberg", 5. season on ProSieben
    "TV total Turmspringen 2011", 7. edition on ProSieben

    "TV total Stock Car Crash Challenge", 7. edition on ProSieben

    "Der deutsche Comedypreis" on RTL

    "Liebesbeweise" The new live-program of Dr. Eckart von Hirschhausen, RTL


    The "Bundesvision Song Contest" (ProSieben) takes place in Cologne

    "Beat the Star", four new episodes on ProSieben

    "Schlag den Raab" ("Beat the host") starts in Serbia and Bulgaria

    "Cindy aus Marzahn & Die jungen Wilden", 5. season on RTL

    June "Elton reist" on ProSieben

    2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Dusseldorf, Germany. The Duo "Ell/Nikki" from Azerbaijan win at the Grand Final Show, May 14th. For Germany "Lena" places tenth.

    "Fröhlicher Frühling" with Wolfgang & Anneliese on Sat.1

    New episodes of "Die Wochenshow" (The Weekly Show) on Sat.1

    April "Cindy aus Marzahn & Die jungen Wilden", 4. Staffel on RTL
    March "Die TV total Wok-WM", ninth edition live from Innsbruck/Austria on ProSieben

    "Ladykracher", sixth season / "Pastewka", fifth season aired on Sat.1

    "Die Bülent Ceylan Show" aired at RTL

    January "Unser Song für Deutschland", ARD/ProSieben

  • 2010
    October "Bundesvision Song Contest 2011" takes place in Berlin.
    "Die große TV total Stock Car Crash Challenge", sixth edition on ProSieben
    "TV total Turmspringen", sixth edition on ProSieben
    September "Beat the Star" starts in Australia
    "Cindy aus Marzahn & Die jungen Wilden", third season
    "Beat the Star", 2. Season starts in Norway
    July "Elton vs. Simon - The Show" (second season aired )
    June "TV total Autoball WM (TV total Carball World Cup)", after EURO 2008, now the World Cup on ProSieben with 25.1% market share among viewers aged 14-49
    May "My Cassette Player" by Lena at number one in the German album charts
    Stefan Raab, ProSieben and ARD announce the continuation of the successful partnership for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011.
    Lena wins the Eurovision Song Contest, around 15 million German TV viewers cheer her on, Europe celebrates with Lena
    Bayerischer Fernsehpreis (Bavarian Television Award) for Stefan Raab in "Unser Star für Oslo"

    Lena Meyer-Landrut is "Unser Star für Oslo". The 19 year-old is chosen to represent Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Satellite" and rockets to the top of the German charts.

    "TV total Wok WM (World Championship)", eighth edition live from Oberhof/Germany on ProSieben

    February "Unser Star für Oslo (Our Star for Oslo)", talent show for the German Eurovision entry begins. A partnership between Stefan Raab, ProSieben, Das Erste and the ARD pop stations.
    January "Cindy & Die jungen Wilden (The Young Maniacs)", second series on RTL

  • 2009
    December "Fröhliche Weihnachten (Merry Christmas)", second edition on Sat.1

    Fourth series of "Stromberg" begins on ProSieben

    "TV total Turmspringen (High Diving)" Munich, fifth edition on ProSieben


    "TV total Stock Car Crash Challenge", fifth edition on ProSieben

    "Schlag den Raab (Beat Raab" is also produced in Hungary and is broadcast with the title "Sztárral szemben"

    "Pastewka" The 4th season starts on Sat.1


    "TV total Bundestagswahl (Bundestag elections)", second edition on ProSieben

    Hirschhausen - Glück kommt selten allein ..., Comedy Live Show on RTL

    August "Beat the Star" starts in Norway
    July Joint-Venture between BRAINPOOL and Banijay Entertainment. The international media group Banijay Entertainment headquartered in Paris is acquiring a 50% stake in BRAINPOOL.
    June "The German Ice-Football Cup" runs at ProSeven.
    May Challenger Nino wins 3 Mill. Euro at "Schlag den Raab".
    April "Olaf Schubert live! Ich bin bei Euch." runs at RTL.

    "TV total Wok-WM" (seventh edition, live from Winterberg/Germany) runs at ProSieben.

    "Beats the star" starts in Germany with Stefan Effenberg at ProSieben.

    "Der kleine Mann" runs at ProSieben.

    "Cindy aus Marzahn & Die jungen Wilden", season 1


    "Beat the star" sold to Spain.

    "Der Bundesvision Song Contest" takes place in Potsdam.

    "Beat the star" starts in Croatia.

  • 2008

    "Beat the star" starts in Danmark.

    "Zwei Weihnachtsmänner" starring Bastian Pastewka and Christoph Maria Herbst runs in Sat.1


    "TV total Chrash Challenge" for the first time in Düsseldorf

    The fourth season of "Ladykracher" starts in Sat.1

    "Ingo Appelt live!- Männer muss man schlagen" runs at RTL

    October "TV total High Diving total Turmspringen" takes place for the fouth time.

    "Beat the star" starts in Sweden

    "Beat the star" sold to China

    "Cindy aus Marzahn - LIVE! Schizophren - Ich wollte 'ne Prinzessin sein" runs at RTL

    August Webshow "" launches on
    July Official launch of the new internet comedy portal

    Ex St. Pauli soccer player Olufemi wins 2.5 million in the show "Schlag den Raab"(int. marketing title: Beat your Host). Stefan Raab has 28.9 percent market share in the commercial-relevant target audience.

    Stefan Raab wins his "TV total European Autoball Cup" and reaches 17,9 % market share (age 14-49).

    The second season of "Dr. Psycho" with Christian Ulmen starts on ProSieben.

    "Elton vs. Simon - The show" is now to air in the ProSieben-Primetime


    BRAINPOOL sells "Beat your host" (title of the German original: "Schlag den Raab") to TV Station in Sweden.

    "Bavarian TV Award" for "Fröhliche Weihnachten!"(Merry Christmas!) with Anke Engelke and Bastian Pastewka


    Georg Hackl once again becomes the one-man Wok World Champion. The 'TV total Wok World Championship 2008' (sixth edition, live from Altenberg/Germany) achieves a market share of 21.5% in the advertising-relevant target group.

    Two Awards for BRAINPOOL: 'Dr. Psycho' and "Fröhliche Weihnachten" both win the "Grimme Award" in the category "Entertainment".


    "Schlag den Raab" wins the "Golden Camera" in the category "Best entertainment"

    The 4th "Federal Vision Song Contest" takes place in Hannover. Subway to Sally wins for Hannover.


    Start of the weekly sketch comedy "SketchNews - Die wöchentliche Comedy" with Axel Stein.

    Stefanie Heinzmann is Stefan Raab’s superstar: the Swiss wins the "TV total" talent show "SSDSDSSWEMUGABRTLAD"

  • 2007
    December Anke Engelke and Bastian Pastewka present 'Fröhliche Weihnachten' in Sat.1.

    The third season of 'Pastewka' starts in Sat.1.

    Elton does the 'New York Marathon'.

    'TV total High Diving' takes place for the third time and comes up to a market share of 24,0% in the advertising-relevant target group.


    "Schlag den Raab" (Best Entertainment Show/Presentation Entertainment), "Stromberg" (Best Sitcom) und Ralf Husmann (Best Screenplay/"Stromberg") win the "Deutscher Fernsehpreis 2007" (German Television Award).

    'Die große TV total Stock Car Crash Challenge' takes place for the third time and comes up to a market share of 17,4% in the advertising-relevant target group.

    'Der Deutsche Comedypreis 2007': Anke Engelke, Christoph Maria Herbst, Mario Barth and 'Kinder, Kinder' won four awards in one evening.

    Stefan Raab starts his 'SSDSDSSWEMUGABRTLAD'-Casting at 'TV total'.


    BRAINPOOL TV GmbH takes over 74.9 percent of 'Nightwash' producer D'nA Productions and hence becomes the majority shareholder in the Cologne-based comedy production company.

    BRAINPOOL TV GmbH is expanding its Management and strengthening the Fiction Production division with Ralf Husmann (42) and Chris Geletneky (35).

    July BRAINPOOL intensifies auxiliary rights exploitation. The 100%-owned subsidiary, e-tv, responsible for this is renamed and becomes BRAINPOOL Artist & Content Services.
    May Christian Ulmen receives the "Bavarian Television Award" for his role as Max Munzl in 'Dr. Psycho – Die Bösen, die Bullen, meine Frau und ich' (The Baddies, The Pigs, My Wife And Me).

    For the second time, Stefan Raab enters the boxing ring to fight boxing world champion Regina Halmich. Up to 10 million viewers tuned into watch Regina Halmich’s spectacular victory over Killer Belly Raab.

    BRAINPOOL sells the 'Schlag den Raab' (Beat your host) format to the USA, Spain, France, Belgium and Rumania.

    'Hilfe, Hochzeit!' (Help, Wedding!) with Christoph Maria Herbst in the role of the clumsy groom launches on Sat.1.

    'Kinder, Kinder' (Children, Children), the comedy about becoming parents, launches on RTL.


    Launch of 'Dr. Psycho – Die Bösen, die Bullen, meine Frau und ich' (The Baddies, The Pigs, My Wife And Me) with Christian Ulmen on ProSieben

    Georg Hackl once again becomes the one-man Wok World Champion. The 'TV total Wok World Championship 2007' (fifth edition, live from innsbruck) achieves a market share of 20.8% in the advertising-relevant target group.

    BRAINPOOL sells the 'Schlag den Raab' (Beat your host) format to the United Kingdom, Sweden and Finland.

    February The 3rd 'Federal Vision Song Contest' takes place in Berlin.

    As of January 1, 2007, Jörg Grabosch, Ralf Günther, Stefan Raab and Dr. Andreas Scheuermann are the new shareholders in BRAINPOOL TV GmbH, each with a shareholding of 25 percent.

    Dr. Andreas Scheuermann joins the BRAINPOOL TV GmbH management, with effect from January 1, 2007.

    Stefan Raab is beaten in his 'Beat Raab' show for the first time. Candidate Matthias wins 1.5 million Euro. On average, the multi-discipline show was watched by 26.0 percent of the advertising-relevant target group.

  • 2006

    MTV Networks Europe and the BRAINPOOL TV GmbH management agree to a management buy-out by BRAINPOOL.

    BRAINPOOL CEO Wibo van de Linde leaves the company as of December 31, 2006.

    'The Grand TV total Parallel Slalom' takes place in St. Anton, Austria.

    Start of 'Mario Looks for Paradise - The Best Place for 'Man' to Live?'

    October 'Die große TV total Stock Car Crash Challenge' takes place for the second time.

    'The Great ProSieben National Youth Games': Together with co-presenter Elton, Oliver Pocher gets ten celebrities to produce top sporting performances - live on air!.

    'Schlag den Raab' [beat Raab]: In the first episode of his show Stefan Raab beat Esther, the candidate from the audience. The show with several fights achieved a market share of 26.7 percent of 14 to 49-year-old viewers - and was thus easily the most successful programme of the day.

    "Pastewka" - The second Season on Sat.1

    July 'TV total night':Elton snatches the main prize of 50,000 euros from under the nose of Stefan Raab.

    Wibo van der Linde joins the management of BRAINPOOL TV GmbH.

    In 'WM total' Stefan Raab comments on Mondays and Thursdays on the events surrounding the football World Cup in Germany.

    Start of 'Pocher as a guest in Germany' on ProSieben.


    The fourth 'Wok WM' takes place in Innsbruck. Joey Kelly dethrones 'Wokl-Schorsch' and becomes WOK World Champion.

    'Stromberg' wins the Grimme prize

    'Ladyland - Drei Kurzgeschichten mit Anke Engelke' [three short stories with Anke Engelke] starts on Sat.1

    February The 'Bundesvision Song Contest' goes into the second round.
    January The comedy show 'Schmitz komm raus!' starts on Sat.1.

  • 2005
    November Stefan Raab invites you afresh to the great 'TV total Turmspringen' [high diving]. The live event achieves an incredible market share of 26.5% in the advertising-relevant target group, with more than 3.8 million viewers.

    'rent a Pocher' and Christoph Maria Herbst win the 'German Comedy Prize 2005'.

    Entertainer Oliver Pocher invites you to the dance contest: with 19.2%, ProSieben is the prime time market leader for 14 to 49 year olds and 14 to 29 year olds.

    The romantic comedy 'LiebesLeben' starts on SAT.1.

    September BRAINPOOL produces the 'COMET' music price for the second time.

    'Kuttner' starts on MTV.

    'Pastewka' starts on SAT.1.

    July ProSieben and Stefan Raab extend the contract for 'TV total' until the end of 2007.

    Christoph Maria Herbst receives the 'Bavarian Television Prize 2005' for 'Stromberg'.

    Ratings victory for 'Die große TV total Stock Car Crash Challenge': 24.6% market share in the advertising-relevant target group!


    Oliver Pocher becomes team manager of the Zanzibar national football team in 'rent a Pocher'.

    The sketch comedy 'Ladykracher' wins the 'Format Award' at the 'Rose D'Or' in Lucerne.


    Two 'Echo' awards for Stefan Raab: the 'TV total' host receives two coveted awards in the 'Producer of the Year' and 'Media Partner of the Year' categories.

    'Elton vs. Simon' starts on ProSieben.


    At the 'Wok World Championships 2005', Georg Hackl is once again World Champion in the one-man wok. The sensational live event (third edition/live from Winterberg/Germany) was watched by up to 5.76 million viewers from the age of three. In the advertising-relevant target group of 14- to 49-year-olds, the 'Wok World Championships 2005' achieved a market share of 26 percent.

    For the discovery and promotion of music talents in the show 'SSDSGPS - a Song for Istanbul', Stefan Raab has received the 'Special Grimme Award'

    February Deutschland gets it own Grand Prix: the Bundesvision Song Contest (Federal Vision Song Contest). An average of 3.23 million viewers tuned into to watch Stefan Raab’s Grand Prix of the Federal States. In the advertising-relevant target group, the 'Bundesvision Song Contest” achieved a market share of 21.2 percent.

    Christian Gisy departs from VIVA Media AG, and is also no longer CEO at BRAINPOOL TV GmbH.

    Launch of the real life comedy 'Mein neuer Freund' with Christian Ulmen on ProSieben

  • 2004

    'Das große TV total Turmspringen' (The Grand TV total High Dive): In the advertising-relevant target group (14-49 year olds), this celebrety sports event achieved a market share of 31.5 percent on ProSieben, and a staggering 49.1 percent among young viewers (14-29 year olds).

    Launch of 'Bachelorette - Die Traumfrau' on RTL

    October Launch of the new comedy series 'Stromberg' with Christoph Maria Herbst.

    BRAINPOOL produces the 'COMET 2004' show.

    Isabell Werth wins the 'TV total Championship 2004'. Up to 3.83 million viewers from the age of three tune in to watch the celebrity horse jumping event on ProSieben.

    June Launch of 'FreiSpruch - die Comedy-Jury!' (Innocent - The Comedy Jury) with Ingolf Lück on ProSieben.

    Launch of the new late show 'Anke Late Night' with Anke Engelke on Sat.1.

    The 'TV total Casting' winner Max becomes number eight at the 'Eurovision Song Contest' in Istanbul.


    Georg Hackl becomes new Wok World Champion. The second Wok World Championship live from Innsbruck/Austria aired on ProSieben and produced by BRAINPOOL attracts a market share of 33.7% (3.86 million viewers) in the advertising-relevant target group.

    The winner of the 'TV total' audition show 'SSDSGPS' (Stefan-Sucht-Den-Super-Grand-Prix-Star - Stefan Searches For The Grand Prix Star), Max, wins the German heat for the Eurovision Song Contest and will represent Germany in Istanbul with the song 'Can’t Wait Until Tonight', written and produced by Stefan Raab.


    BRAINPOOL and Distraction Formats sign international distribution agreement.

    Andreas Viek appointed CEO and takes over the expansion of the 'Light Entertainment' production division.

    Stefan Raab receives the 'Goldene Kamera' (Golden Camera) in the 'TV Entertainer' category.

  • 2003

    BRAINPOOL, Anke Engelke and Sat.1 sign a three-year contract to produce a late-night show with Anke Engelke as the host. Anke Engelke receives 'Eins Live Krone' in the 'Best Comedy” category.

    Launch of 'Sketch-MIX' with presenter Aleksandra Bechtel on Sat.1.



    In the '1st Official Wok World Championship, Stefan Raab becomes World Champion in the Single-Wok category. The live event in Germany/Winterberg, produced by BRAINPOOL, secures ProSieben a market share of 29.7% in the advertising-relevant target group.

    Launch of 'The Bachelor' on RTL.

    Launch of the comedy quiz show 'keine Ahnung?' with Mario Barth on ProSieben.


    'The Germany Comedy Awards' ceremony is produced for RTL by BRAINPOOL for the third time. 'Ladykracher' wins in the 'Best Sketch Show' category, Anke Engelke also receives the 'Audience Award'.

    Launch of 'Charlotte Roche trifft...' on ProSieben.

    The senior citizen comedy 'Alt & Durchgeknallt' is nominated for the 'International Emmy Award'.

    BRAINPOOL and Axel Stein jointly set up the production company 'Stein TV-Produktion GmbH'.

    September BRAINPOOL sets up production companies 'Pocher TV GmbH' with Oliver Pocher and 'Mario Barth TV Produktionsgesellschaft mbH' with Mario Barth.
    August BRAINPOOL produces the COMET 2003 for RTL and VIVA.
    June BRAINPOOL produces for the third time the comedy-documentation 'Die Rose von Montreux' with Anke Engelke for ProSieben.
    May The second round of 'RTL Promiboxen'. The 'Comedy Cup 2003' is also broadcasted on RTL.

    'rent a Pocher' with VIVA-presenter Oliver Pocher and the Sketch-Comedy 'Alt & Durchgeknallt' start on ProSieben.

    BRAINPOOL produces 'fleischmann tv' for VIVA - the first Cartoon-Call-In-Show of the world.


    The entertainment show 'Die 10' starts on RTL. ProSieben broadcastes 'Cinemaniacs', 'Witzig ist witzig!' and 'Schneider - einmal im Quartal!'.

    Elton gets the austrian television award 'Romy'.


    The first 'TV total'- DVD 'Best of TV total Vol.1' gets gold and platinum.

    'Best of TV total Vol.2' gets gold as well.

  • 2002
    December BRAINPOOL TV AG is moving to Schanzenstrasse 22 in Cologne-Mülheim. With this move, all corporate divisions of the VIVA Group will now be located under one roof.
    November Launch of the 'Sketch Show' on ProSieben

    'Ladykracher' receives the 'Deutscher Fernsehpreis' (German TV Award) and the 'Deutscher Comedypreis' (German Comedy Award) in the category 'Best Comedy' and is nominated fort he 'International Emmy Award'.

    Production and broadcast of 'RTL Promi-Boxen'. receives the 'Online Star' for the third time.


    Launch of 'Knop's Spätshow' with Matze Knop and 'Axel!' with Axel Stein.

    Transmission of the new episodes of 'Ladykracher' with Anke Engelke.

    June The BRAINPOOL TV AG shares are no longer traded
    February First Broadcast of 'Alles Pocher,...oder was?' on VIVA.

    Transfer of BRAINPOOL TV AG from the Neuer Markt to the regulated market.

    Jörg Grabosch becomes member of the management board of VIVA Media AG responsible for 'Content' (CCO). VIVA Media AG's CEO Dieter Gorny is the new CEO of the Management Board at BRAINPOOL TV AG.

    First transmission of the 13 part comedy sketch show 'Ladykracher' with Anke Engelke.

  • 2001
    December Launch of ''. The most famous Showintern of Germany gets his first own television show.
    November BRAINPOOL and VIVA are merging operations within the context of a takeover BRAINPOOL TV AG is being taken over by VIVA Media AG. This will create one of Europe’s leading music TV and young entertainment media companies.

    Acquisition of a 26% share in Spotting Image GmbH, Cologne.

    From now on 'Die Wochenshow' presents itself with a new team. Ingolf Lück, Annette Frier, Michael Kessler, Nadja Maleh and Bürger Lars Dietrich built the new comedy ensemble.

    July Launch of 'Mircomania' with Mirco Nontschew
    June Founding of Hasen TV-Produktionsgesellschaft together with Aleksandra Bechtel.
    May At the 'Rose d'Or de Montreux' presentation - Europe's most important television awards - 'TV total' receives a 'Bronze Rose' in the 'Variety' category
    April The 'Wochenshow' celebrates it fifth anniversary. As a comedy show format, the 'Wochenshow' is now the most successful of its kind in Europe
    February Launch of the comedy series 'Der Doc' with Ingolf Lück

    'TV total' is aired four times a week: Monday to Thursday night at 22:15 hrs on ProSieben

    From Jan. 2001 till May 2001 the TV total Print Verlags GmbH publishes the first issue of the 'TV total' magazine featuring a TV guide and a wide range of content

  • 2000
    November The tragic comedy film 'Vergiss Amerika' premieres (9th Nov.), a cinema co-production by AVISTA Film, Kinowelt and BRAINPOOL TV AG with the WDR.
    October Gold record for 'Ho mir ma ne Flasche Bier', produced by Stefan Raab

    BRAINPOOL acquires 60% participation in the computer games software company Westka Entertainment

    Start of 'Ingo Appelt Show'

    BRAINPOOL acquires 51% participation in Grégoire Furrer Productions S.A. Montreux (GFP)

    'Voll witzig!' goes online: www.vollwitzig.

    August Comedian Annette Frier replaces Anke Engelke in the 'Wochenshow' team
    July Founding of Glennford Pictures TV Produktion GmbH together with Bastian Pastewka. BRAINPOOL and Bastian Pastewka each hold 50%

    20% participation in RONIN Entertainment based in Zurich and London.

    RONIN Entertainment goes online:


    'Die Wochenshow' is going on tour playing in about eight German cities

    Founding of the company 'TV on tour'


    Acquisition of majority holding (51%) in Köln Comedy Festival GmbH

    Gold record 'TV total - Das Album'

    February 10% participation in Adori AG (7.5% post IPO)

    First transmission of the 13 part sitcom 'Anke - Die Comedyserie'

    Three times gold for Stefan Raab's 'Maschendrahtzaun'

  • 1999
    December Broadcast of the six-part comedy show 'Brisko's Jahrhundert-Show' with Bastian Pastewka

    First notice on the New Market (23rd Nov. 1999). 'TV total' goes online:

    Launch of

    August Platinum disc for 'Ö la Palöma Boys' produced by Stefan Raab

    Founding of Ladykracher TV GmbH with Anke Engelke. BRAINPOOL and Engelke each hold 50%.

    'liebe sünde' goes online:

    Production and broadcast of the first episodes of the comedy panel show 'Voll witzig!' with Ingolf Lück, Mirco Nontschew, Markus Maria Profitllich and various guests.


    Start of 'TV total' with Stefan Raab

    Comedian Markus Maria Profitlich replaces Marco Rima in the 'Wochenshow' team

    February Founding of the subsidiary ETV Internet-Produktions- und Vermarktungsgesellschaft GmbH

  • 1998
    December Acquisition of the companies mea culpa Media Verwertungsgesellschaft mbH and mea culpa TV-Produktion GmbH, and thus, all the rights to the life style programme 'liebe sünde'
    November Founding of Raab TV-Produktion GmbH together with Stefan Raab. BRAINPOOL and Raab each hold 50%
    April Launch of the first website

    Production of new episodes of the late-night programme 'Die Harald Schmidt Show' for SAT.1

    Production of the early evening infotainment programme 'Die Ulla Kock am Brink Show'

  • 1997
    February Production of new episodes of the late-night programme 'Die Harald Schmidt Show' for SAT.1

  • 1996
    April Start of production of the comedy show 'Die Wochenshow - the funniest news in the world' with Ingolf Lück, Anke Engelke, Bastian Pastewka and, at this time, Marco Rima

  • 1995
    December Start of the production of the late-night programme 'Die Harald Schmidt Show' for SAT.1
    January Start of the production of 'RTL Nachtshow' with Thomas Koschwitz

  • 1994

    Registration of BRAINPOOL development consulting production GmbH

    Founded by Jörg Grabosch, Martin Keß and Ralf Günther