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Kandidatenvoting Schlag den Raab


In the area of added-value services, BRAINPOOL Artist und Content Services GmbH develops and realizes the technical and contentual implementation of innovative voting processes, competitions and other interactive elements.

Viewers can generally participate in such votes and competitions via telephone and text message. In implementing the services, BRAINPOOL Artist und Content Services counts on strong partners with many years of experience and a high level of expertise in the area of value-added services.

Examples of successful Audiotex applications:

  • Candidate voting "Schlag den Raab"
     As part of the ProSieben show "Schlag den Raab", a candidate goes up against Stefan Raab to try and beat him in up to 15 games. Five different people are presented to TV viewers in short films. The decision as to which of them ultimately goes into the challenge against Stefan Raab is up to the viewers, who vote for their favorite via text message or telephone.
  • Voting of Federal States for the "Bundesvision Song Contest"
     In the annual Bundesvision Song Contest, an artist represents each German Federal State. The viewers at home can vote for their favorite via telephone or text message and have to say from which State they are voting. As a result, at the end of the show, a breakdown of the results for each Federal State is presented.
  • Multi-stage voting for "Our Song for Malmö" 2013
     In a single show, "Our Song for Malmö", the decision was made as to who should represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden. The voting in this show was divided into different stages. In one stage, the listeners of nine pop and youth radio stations from the ARD could vote for their favorite online beforehand, the TV viewers had the chance to call during the show and a five-person jury also gave its opinion. Each of the three voting channels contributed 1/3 of the final result.
  • League table "Our Star for Baku"
     Within the scope of an eight-part show series, a search was made for the German representative for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 on ProSieben and Das Erste. It was up to the viewers to call or send a text message for their favorite. As opposed to other shows, the result of the vote didn't come in at the end of the show but rather was always visible to the viewers in the form of a league table.
  • Voting of the Federal States for "TV total Bundestagswahl"
    Shortly before the German parliamentary elections, Stefan Raab invited leading politicians of the parties represented in the German parliament to clarify their positions. During the show, the TV audience had the opportunity to announce their intended vote in a poll. These results, in turn, were presented broken down by Federal State at the end of the show.