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Bernd Stromberg für RWE


Due to the proximity to BRAINPOOL TV, BRAINPOOL Artist und Content Services GmbH is able to act as a mediator for artists from the BRAINPOOL Group for cooperations with advertising companies. The know-how in the areas of TV productions and cross-media marketing ensures innovative campaigns and cooperations which are tailor-made to suit the respective brands and products.

Numerous successful cooperations have already been realized in this way. Artists or even fictional characters have been integrated into various campaigns and, through their fame and their entertainment value, have ensured a high awareness of the products and services of the advertising customer.

In this way, cooperations have been implemented with software manufacturers, telecommunications companies, energy companies and car manufacturers, to name just a few examples.

Examples of successful testimonial cooperations

  • Lena for L’ORÉAL
    Since fall 2013, Lena Meyer-Landrut, one of the most successful and popular singers and songwriters in Germany, is the new local brand ambassador for L'ORÉAL PARIS. She is the cosmetic company's youngest ambassador and the face of Coloration Casting Crème Gloss. Since the end of 2013, Lena has also been the face of the Skin Perfection skin care range from L’ORÉAL.
  • "Bernd Stromberg" for RWE
    In his role as "Bernd Stromberg", actor Christoph Maria Herbst provided precocious tips and pearls of wisdom on the topic of efficiency and saving electricity for the energy information portal "" as well as the intelligent product "SmartHome" from RWE. The campaigns were launched across various media throughout Germany.
  • Lena for OPEL
    For the launch of the OPEL Corsa special model "Satellite", the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2010, Lena Meyer-Landrut, advertised for the car manufacturer with a testimonial. Lena presented the special model to connected dealers at a large event. Lena was also in the spotlight of a wide-ranging, national on and off-air campaign.
  • Elton for Vodafone
    On the occasion of Soccer World Cup 2010 in South Africa, BRAINPOOL Artist und Content Services cooperated with the telecommunications service provider Vodafone. In a cross-media campaign under the motto "Wo guckst Du" (Where are you watching?), moderator Elton questioned passers-by about their plans for the soccer World Cup. Additionally, the football fans had the chance to take part in a draw for a "private viewing". The winners enjoyed a visit from the moderator at their own soccer party. The reports and video blogs created were shown on a website set up especially for the campaign.
  • Elton for SNICKERS
    The campaign "ALLEMANN. Unterwegs zu einem großen Ziel" (EVERYONE. On the way to a major destination) was launched six months before the official start of the European Soccer Championship 2008. On behalf of the chocolate bar SNICKERS, Elton appealed to people to revive the legendary "us" feeling of the 2006 World Cup. In the first 3 of 6 TV ads, Elton drummed the fans together, collecting them from work, for example. In the subsequent ads, crowds of people suddenly disappear who ultimately ensured a good atmosphere with Elton in the ALLEMANN-mobile.