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CD/DVD und Blu-ray

Around 100 releases and more than 2 million image/recording media sold – since 2007, BRAINPOOL Artist und Content Services GmbH has been releasing CDs, DVDs und Blu-rays with great success under the label BRAINPOOL Home Entertainment/MySpass.

BRAINPOOL Artist und Content Services is among the largest producers of comedy and entertainment programs on CD/DVD and Blu-ray. The marketing of the comedy and entertainment contents produced is not limited to formats and artists from the BRAINPOOL Group. Independent artists and formats produced by third parties are also part of the diverse repertoire.

The releases include series and formats such as "Dr. Psycho", "Elton vs. Simon", "Ladykracher", "Pastewka" or the TV shows "Elton reist", "Fröhliche Weihnachten" and "Fröhlicher Frühling" with Wolfgang and Anneliese, "TV total", the platinum award-winning two-part TV show "Zwei Weihnachtsmänner", and the DVDs of the popular series "Stromberg", which all reached multiple platinum status. With this, "Stromberg" is one of the best-selling German language TV series ever.

Furthermore, BRAINPOOL Artist und Content Services also releases various stage programs of live performances. This includes performances by Bülent Ceylan, Patric Heizmann, Eckart von Hirschhausen, Carolin Kebekus, Martin Rütter, Atze Schröder, Olaf Schubert or Serdar Somuncu.

As an independent label, BRAINPOOL HOME ENTERTAINMENT/MySpass can work independently and in an entrepreneurial manner. Through the proximity to BRAINPOOL TV, to the stations as well as to all the company's promotional platforms, all phases of the DVD publication – from the production of contents to the marketing – interconnect seamlessly and efficiently.

BRAINPOOL Artist und Content Services markets its sound carriers in stationary sound carrier and book stores, via online trading partners such as, via mail order and clubs, e.g. Weltbild. In doing so, BRAINPOOL HOME ENTERTAINMENT/MySpass uses the sales and trading network of its marketing partner Sony Music/Spassgesellschaft.

Examples of successful CD/DVD and Blu-ray products:

  • Stromberg
    At the start of each of the TV series, BRAINPOOL Artist und Content Services published a DVD collection. Stromberg fans received selected seasons as well as complete box sets in special limited editions. In particular the 5th season of "Stromberg" which, as well as the standard edition, was available for purchase in a limited pop-up edition, exceeded all expectations. The box contained many extras such as a fold-out desk in the CAPITOL office, a Capitol pencil, Capitol post-its, a sticker sheet with many other office motifs and "Bernd Stromberg" business cards. All ten new episodes were complemented by an extra DVD with extensive bonus material. The limited pop-up edition achieved the "platinum award" just 14 days after the DVD was released and received the "Creative Award" for the best possible home entertainment experience from G+J Entertainment Verlag as part of the Entertainment Night event.
    For the jump onto the big screen, Bernd Stromberg and the entire staff of Capitol Insurance go on a very special company outing. In parallel to the motion picture, BRAINPOOL Artist und Content Services released the original radio play to "Stromberg - The Film" with exclusive bonus material.
  • Pastewka
    When the 6th season of the successful format "Pastewka" was broadcast on TV, MySpass released the season as limited special edition DVD with comprehensive bonus material, as basic edition DVD as well as on Blu-ray for the first time. With the Blu-ray, fans of Bastian Pastewka had the opportunity for the first time to watch the successful format in high-end quality on their television at home.
  • Carolin Kebekus
    Carolin Kebekus is the shooting star of the German comedy scene. In 2014, she presented the DVD to her first solo program PussyTerror. Over two hours of brutal comedy, bundled girl power and merciless satire. The comprehensive bonus material includes, for example, Carolin's legendary laudation at the Germany Comedy Prize 2013, exclusive back-stage reports and Carolin's first ever stand-up performance.
  • Olaf Schubert
    Following his successful program "Olaf Schubert live! Meine Kämpfe", BRAINPOOL Artist und Content Services presents the new program "SO!" from the winner of the Comedy Prize. Schubert's batteries are fully charged and even in standby mode he gives 150% power ... As he enters the stage at full speed, he makes the puny 65 kilograms of total Schubertian weight seem like a ton. Because everybody knows: Olaf is underweight, but over-talented.
  • Patric Heizmann
    "Comedy with nutritional value" is the recipe for success for Patric Heizmann's successful program "Ich bin dann mal schlank – live", with which Heizmann has already filled halls up and down the nation. This is not only extremely amusing and nutritional for the brain but, at the same time, reveals a look at Heizmann's key concern: physical and mental well-being instead of diet mania and starvation frustration.
  • Martin Rütter
    Martin Rütter already celebrated great success with his first live program "Dog-German/ German-Dog" and enchanted far more than half a million visitors with wit, charm and, above all, unbelievable specialist knowledge. In his second live program "DER TUT NIX!", Martin Rütter again embarks upon a mission of animal-human nature. On behalf of dogs and to educate their owners. The entire show plus over 80 minutes of bonus material is available on DVD!
  • Serdar Somuncu
    The DVD "Der Hassprediger hardcore live!" from Serdar Somuncu with the recording of his live program "Der Hassprediger" was published by MySpass in a limited and intricately designed DVD Digi-pack right on time for the 25th anniversary of the artist's first stage appearance. In addition to the stage program, the bonus DVD exclusively included Serdar Somuncu's big anniversary show "25 years of stage terror". Jan Böhmermann and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf moderated, while guests included Dave Davis, Käthe Lachmann, Carolin Kebekus, Ingo Appelt, the Popolskis, Hennes Bender, Oliver Polak, Buddy Ogün and Xavier Naidoo.
  • Cindy from Marzahn
    Cindy from Marzahn already won the hearts of the Germans within a very short space of time with her debut program "Schizophren – Ich wollte 'ne Prinzessin sein", which won her the platinum award for the DVD of the program released by MySpass. The comedy princess also successfully held court in the German concert halls with her second live program "Nicht jeder Prinz kommt uff’m Pferd!" Nowhere is there so much laughter as in her one woman state. MySpass also released the eagerly anticipated DVD to the second live program, this time as a limited fan edition in non-shortened version. As well as the furious stage program, there was lots of bonus material with some exciting backstage glimpses into everyday life for Cindy during her tour as well as a fairytale 3D pop-up as insert. For this, Cindy's original stage setting was recreated in a 3D miniature pop-up version and the small pieces assembled in an intricate production process. In this way, every fan could take Cindy's stage princess castle home with them.