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Digital Media & MySpass

In the area of Digital Media, BRAINPOOL Artist und Content Services GmbH extends successful artists and television brands onto various digital platforms and exploits these.

MySpass is the comedy label of BRAINPOOL Artist & Content Services GmbH. This label is focused around the free, advertising-financed web platform, as well as the corresponding Apps in the area of mobile and smart TV. - advertising financed Video on Demand is an editorially designed, free and advertising-financed offering on the topic of comedy and, in this way, unique in the German-speaking region as a legal video on demand platform. Existing TV contents are shown as entire episodes in full length and as clips. Another program column are web shows: Here, comedy contents can be seen which were produced specially for the Internet. On, comedy enthusiasts have the opportunity to call up entire episodes of the best TV comedy and web shows free of charge around the clock. As well as BRAINPOOL formats such as "Ladykracher", "Pastewka", "Stromberg" und "TV total", for example, purely web formats such as "Snoozzze", "Nightwash live" or "Halt die Klappe" are also available on

Another pillar of the advertising-financed strategy are wide-reaching syndication partners, so-called outlets, on leading platforms such as YouTube, T-Online, MSN, or Here, the same formats and contents or a selection adapted accordingly are shown.

MySpass - paid Video on Demand

As well as free, advertising-financed use, MySpass also offers its contents for purchase. To this end, MySpass is represented on the conventional paid platforms such as iTunes, maxdome, RTLNow, Videoload, Amazon Prime, Vodafone TV, and others.

Format and artist websites

Due to its many years of know-how in the area of content management, graphic design and editorial support, BRAINPOOL Artist und Content Services is able to quickly and expertly prepare contents and information and make them available online. BRAINPOOL Artist und Content Services develops, produces and editorially maintains numerous format and artist websites. These include the websites of "TV total", "Schlag den Raab", "Schlag den Star", "Stromberg", "Ladykracher", "Pastewka" as well as Lena Meyer-Landrut, Dave Davis and Roman Lob.

BRAINPOOL Artist und Content Services generally takes over the production and hosting of websites, accompanying campaigns for its cooperation partners as well as the creation of digital or mobile contents and applications. As well as its own websites, BRAINPOOL Artist und Content Services establishes the formats and artists successfully on social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube. Via all social media profiles of, "TV total" as well as other formats and artists, BRAINPOOL Artist und Content Services  currently reaches a fan base of almost 5 million fans.

Furthermore, BRAINPOOL Artist und Content Services produces exclusive material such as non-broadcasted scenes, out-takes, additional camera perspectives, exclusive interviews and best-ofs. In this way, in particular where successful live events are concerned, viewers can be offered additional moving picture contents above and beyond what was shown on TV. Examples of this include the online reporting during the advertising breaks of live events such as the "TV total Autoball Weltmeisterschaft" or the "TV total Stock Car Crash Challenge".


All contents of are also available mobile on the iOS, Android and Windows 8 operating systems. Separate Apps for smartphones and tablets can also be used to download the contents conveniently on the go.

BRAINPOOL Artist und Content Services also design and develops its own Apps for the BRAINPOOL formats such as the Schlag den Raab App for iOS and Android.

Smart TV

In accordance with the principle "Content anywhere", contents from the BRAINPOOL Group are also available on smart TVs from renowned manufacturers such as Samsung, Philips, LG, Toshiba and Loewe.

Examples of successful digital media products:

  • Website for "Stromberg - The Film"
    On the occasion of the motion picture "Stromberg - The Film", BRAINPOOL Artist und Content Services launched the official film website in October 2013. As well as classic contents such as film trailers, synopses and press photos, fans and Stromberg newbies could get informed about what had happened so far in the cult series, click through the HR files of the "employees" or have a laugh at the best quotes. To prepare perfectly for the film, there was also the opportunity to download various contents such as a template for crafting a Stromberg mask, Facebook title images or the funny Capitol flags. The official world premiere from Cinedom in Cologne was also broadcast live from the red carpet to the website. The highlights of the evening, as well as other exclusive videos, are still available to fans.
  • Schlag den Raab-App
    The ultimate Schlag den Raab feeling on iPad and iPhone. With the Schlag den Raab App, the Schlag den Raab enthusiast using it gets the 5 well-known games "Blamieren oder Kassieren", "Stimmt's", "Shuffleboard", "Schießen" and "Marienkäfer".  Furthermore, the game portfolio can be complemented by other familiar games from the show at any time.
  • Extension of the big TV total Stockcar Crash Challenge 2012
    For the big TV total Stockcar Crash Challenge 2012, BRAINPOOL Artist und Content Services produced an online measure to accompany the TV event. The entire live show could be watched online at via live streaming. During the official TV advertising breaks, the viewers were given the opportunity via the live stream to take a look behind the scenes of the TV extravaganza. In the online activities during the TV breaks, viewers could see "TV totals next schöne Frau" Korinna, who moved around freely on and beside the racetrack and questioned drivers and technicians in her usual frank but friendly manner. A true highlight for stockcar fans.