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Schlag den Raab - Die Brettspiele

Merchandising & Licensing

BRAINPOOL Artist und Content Services GmbH publishes merchandising products for its own and external artists as well as format brands.

Furthermore, BRAINPOOL Artist und Content Services also realizes licensed products whose themes are in keeping with artists or the format together with partners from various industries.

In the entertainment sector in particular, merchandising and licensing products make the brand a tangible experience for the viewer. They also make a significant contribution toward the popularity of the brands.

BRAINPOOL Artist und Content Services bundles the entire marketing of the areas Merchandising & Licensing under the MySpass label.


The comprehensive services of BRAINPOOL Artist und Content Services in the classic merchandising area range from creation, production and marketing to the sale of products to consumers and viewers. Many years of experience in design as well as in the creation and acquisition of products contribute to successful and market-relevant implementation.

The range of products includes classic fan articles such as t-shorts or mugs but also unusual articles from our productions such as the "Stromberg" nodding head, self-produced hooded jackets for the "TV total Stock Car Crash Challenge" or articles for the "SCHLAND" brand brought to life in "TV total".

The products are sold via the MySpass-Shop at, via Outlets (e.g. amazon) and on-site at events.


In the area of Licensing, BRAINPOOL Artist und Content Services GmbH offers attractive and emotional brands with a high level of likeability and awareness, such as "Schlag den Raab", "Stromberg", "TV total" or the "TV total" events.

The spectrum of services ranges from the acquisition of suitable licensing partners and common development to the marketing of the license products. Excellent contacts exist in various industries, for example book publishers and publishers of games and board games.

Examples of successful merchandising & licensing products:

  • "Schlag den Raab" board games
     Together with games publisher Ravensburger, "Schlag den Raab" was implemented as a board game for the whole family and is today regarded as the modern version of a comprehensive collection of games. "Schlag den Raab – the 1st game" received an award in 2010 as the most successful game of the year in Germany. With "Schlag den Raab – the 2nd game", further games from the TV show were implemented for a board game and, in a combination of both games, a collection launched including over 70 mini games. The latest spin-off from the well-known TV format is the board game "Schlag den Raab – The Quiz". In this edition, players can expect 30 different quiz games with over 2,000 new questions. The latest games from the show such as "Wer lügt?", "Wo läuft was?" and the well-known classic "Blamieren oder Kassieren" have been implemented in the board game. With "Schlag den Raab Kids", Ravensburger launched a games collection for children which ensures varied and enjoyable playing, with quiz, agility and action games from the well-known TV show. Whether it's show classics such as "Blamieren oder Kassieren" or new games like "Chipschnipp", "Hut-auf-Lauf" and "Nasenrasen": The 30 games for children from 8 years old turn any birthday into an exciting party.
  • "Schlag den Raab" video games
     Together with Namco Bandai Partners, "Schlag den Raab" was implemented as a video game for the home. As well as familiar characters, sounds and graphics from the TV show, the real voices of Stefan Raab, Steven Gätjen and Elton were programmed into the game to bring a real TV studio atmosphere into the player's own four walls. In 2010, "Schlag den Raab – the 1st game" was one of the most successful games for Nintendo Wii and received an award from the German Federal Association of Interactive Entertainment Software (BIU).
     The successor game "Schlag den Raab – the 2nd game" was given new games and more realistic graphics and is available for PC, PS3, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS.
     Further innovations in graphics and controls were implemented with the release of "Schlag den Raab – the 3rd game". New mini games and an extended question package also appeal to owners of the previous versions.
     Target group-appropriate PR and marketing measures such as TV trailers, mailings and the presentation of the game at gamescom by and with Elton are also part of the spectrum of services.
  • "Schlag den Raab" App
     The Schlag den Raab App includes the 10 popular games "Blamieren oder Kassieren", the guessing game "Stimmt's", "Shuffleboard", "Schießen", "Marienkäfer", "Kuh melken", "Wann war was?", "Dosenwerfen" , "Töne merken" and "Kopfrechnen". The repertoire can be expanded at any time with other familiar games from the show.
     But of course that's not all: In the integrated in-game shop, users can choose their favorites from a large selection of the most popular games and enhance the game with new contents and questions (also multiple choice).
     And there's a special extra for all driving license applicants: The mini-game "Führerschein Wissen" contains all questions from the official German driving license test and is thus the ideal trainer for the theoretical driving exam.
  • "TV total" Stock Car Zipper Jacket
     A unisex hooded sweatshirt jacket with zipper. The zipper jacket is the right outfit for what is probably the most spectacular motorsport event in the world and a must-have for every Stock Car Crash Challenge enthusiast.
     On the occasion of the soccer World Cup/European Cup 20xx, BRAINPOOL Artist und Content Services developed its own SCHLAND collection. Whether it's the hat, t-shirt or bracelet – each one of the accessories is the ideal companion for upcoming soccer celebrations.
  • "Stromberg": Works makes work
    Some people live to work and with others it's vice versa – but all of them need this book: The living office legend Bernd Stromberg turns the working world upside down!

    Moses has the Ten Commandments and the German FA Cup has its own laws. Is it only in the working world that everyone can do what they want? No! Germany's best boss has sat down during his small amount of free time and written the most important rules for work, e.g. "Always think in the long term! Don't be afraid to begin small. Anyone who performs too well from the start will quickly makes themselves unpopular. I call this the Prince Charles tactic. Don't be afraid to wait thirty or forty years until the boss abdicates or dies. Of course, you have to be able to afford this ..."
    Over fifty years of bundled professional experience, pages of new truisms, fresh nuggets of wisdom and useful tips for dealing with bosses, colleagues and other trash: a great gift for all those who have to deal with work at some point!

  •  "Stromberg" planner 2014
    The calendar year 2014 - many seemingly never-ending days of work. Only one thing can help: Counting the days until your next vacation. In the meantime, important to-dos can be noted in the weekly overview of the exclusive Stromberg planner, such as the question as to who is going to get the beer for the weekend or find out the mobile number of the attractive new trainee. Of course, the calendar also offers space for hangman or other creative scribbles!
  • "Stromberg" "Boss-German/German-Boss", dictionary
     Germany's worst boss can now be experienced as a book: The ultimate guide "Boss-German/German-Boss" was created in close cooperation with the Langenscheidt publishing house and is connected to the series in content and design.
     The "Stromberg" book is indispensible for beginners and advanced "Stromberg" fans. Here, they will find the heroes they know and love from the successful TV series. This dictionary is the right key to deciphering cryptic messages from the boss. A valuable training unit for bosses and those only just starting out as boss. With a twinkle in the eye, the practical translation aids "boss says" – "boss means" make everyday working life easier or at least more entertaining.
  • The “TV total” Snow Wok
     Developed as a licensed product with KHW, the original TV total WOK World Cup "Snow Wok" is perfect for speedy descents on ski slopes and toboggan runs! Whether in Ischgl, St. Moritz or on the sledging slope in Flensburg - with the "TV total" Snow Wok you can leave all the normal sledgers far behind. The Snow Wok is ideal for every fan looking to bring the ultimate WOK World Cup feeling to their own sledge run.
  • "Stromberg" Calendar
    The annually launched "Stromberg" calendar with pictures and quotes from the current season was launched onto the market in cooperation with Panini and brings a breath of fresh air into any office. With the different "Stromberg" calendars, every bridge day becomes a double holiday. And: sayings, quotes and partly unpublished pictures are a stylish companion throughout the year - and not only for pencil pushers.