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Wednesday 03 February 2010

Schlag den Raab – The game: More than 30 "Schlag den Raab" games in one box

Now the show has its very own game. The "Schlag den Raab" show everyone loves will be available as a Ravensburger party game this March. The company with the famous blue triangle has packed over 30 different games from the TV show into a box fit to rock any party. As many as six players can battle it out in riveting living room duels. The categories, whether "Hochschuss" or "Blamieren oder Kas-sieren", demand everything of their players, including skill, knowl-edge, courage in the face of danger and strong smiling muscles.

Just as they do in the TV show, two sides square off in "Schlag den Raab – The game". Someone takes on Stefan's role and faces off with a candi-date from the team of players. Either the wheel of fate or the moderator decides in which category the adversaries are to compete. And then it's on and the clock is ticking. In the "Slalom", the opponents must do their best to blow a ping pong ball through a table top obstacle course. If the wheel stops at "Eierlauf", the moderator takes out rubber eggs from the game box. And then the contestants must secure their sports gear between their knees and quickly tackle the living room circuit course that has been staked out.

Not just action and escapades

Anyone who thinks that "Schlag den Raab - The game" is all escapades is mistaken. In the category "Wo liegt was?", contestants have to name loca-tions. Where is the "Golden Lion" film prize awarded? It's no simple task to pin flags on a map of Europe that has no borders or cities on it. And the challenges continue with the famous quiz game "Blamieren oder Kas-sieren" and the question "How many corners does a cube have?" – 8 of course, but there may well be some people in the lightning duel who see it differently... Almost all the ideas for the game have been taken right from the original show and adapted for party fun at home. The TV show lasts hours, but the game can be adjusted at whim for quick and spontaneous play or fun all party long. If you can master "Schlag den Raab – The game", then you're ready to duel Stefan himself...

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