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Wednesday 21 June 2017

Luke Mockridge gets another prime time show in SAT.1

"We love Luke, but I can not express it differently," admits the SAT.1 station manager Kaspar Pflüger. Rightly so, because the talented comedy star Luke Mockridge has the channel next to his successful late night show "LUKE! The week and me" (up to 15% MA, new season in autumn 2017) and the year retrospective "LUKE! Year and I "(11.0% MA) recently achieved a great success with his new prime time show" LUKE! The School and I - VIPs against Kids "(up to 13.5% MA, season 2 in the spring 2018). That's why the next prime-time show follows in the autumn: "The 90s and I," the 28-year-old celebrates his absolute favorite years and welcomes the most popular stars from the exciting period before the turn of the millennium.

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