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Stefan Raab Künstlerseite
Wednesday 21 June 2017

"The Thing of the Year". Stefan Raab produces a new show series for ProSieben

Who is Germany's smartest inventor? Who has the best product idea? In the new show series ProSieben is looking for "the thing of the year" (AT) in the first half of 2018. Inventors present their ideas for products that make the lives of the viewers more beautiful, colorful or lighter. Useful, practical and curious, complex inventions or very simple ideas: In the preliminary round, the inventors have to convince the studio audience of their ideas to qualify for the big live final. This is where the TV viewers, ie the customer, decide: What will be the "thing of the year"? Since one of the big challenges for new products lies in their marketing and inventors are mostly lacking financial resources, the winner of the show is waiting for a mega-advertising campaign for his "thing of the year".

The idea for the show comes from Stefan Raab, who will also be responsible for the project. "We are looking for the best product and offer a platform for the fairest competition: the spectator voting," says Raab. "And we want to offer premium entertainment, of course." The presenter of the show is already fixed. "I'm not," says Stefan Raab. "I remain true to my decision, so this is not the TV comeback of the year, but 'the thing of the year'."

ProSieben CEO Daniel Rosemann: "Stefan Raab has always had a good sense for the TV audience and for successful entertainment formats, and he has a history as an inventor, he invented the whistle-trowel, the driving desk, the nippleboard and a I am very pleased that he has developed this show for ProSieben and realized it for us. "

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