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LUKE! Die Schule und ich

Exercise books, class work! Luke Mockridge rings in his first prime time show "LUKE! The school and me "in SAT.1 the gong for the most entertaining double hour of Germany. What is the fourth binomial formula of what is actually a hypotenuse and what is the capital of Pythagoras? The Entertainment-Multitalent invites VIPs against kids in its show room and lets four celebrities against students of different grades press the bench and their school run through again. They take on "teaching", innovative or experimental tasks in various subject areas, including physical and artistic improvement. And so that the prominent "Nachsitzer" must work properly, Luke Mockridge scouts the kids personally at their educational institutions. Who is already sweating at elementary school level? Who can compete in the middle class? And who can possibly even make a successful conclusion in 90 minutes?

Nominations and Awards

Nominated for German Television Award "Best moderation/individual performance entertainment"


Producer: Godehard Wolpers
Host: Luke Mockridge
First broadcast: 05.05.2017