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Dienstag, 12. Dezember 2000

Space tv will send candidates into space

Cologne/Bremen, 12th December 2000 - It is the greatest possible adventure for any person: a flight into space! For the first time in the history of space travel, a normal civilian will have the chance to fly into space and visit the International Space Station ISS. Space tv will choose on a worldwide exclusive basis seven Space Commanders for a flight to the ISS.

Space tv AG, a 100%-affiliate of BRAINPOOL AG, has concluded together with Astrium GmbH, Bremen a contract for a total of seven space flights with Russian Soyuz rockets over the period from 2002 until 2008. At today´s press conference BRAINPOOL´s chief executive officer Jörg Grabosch and Josef Kind, member of the Astrium managing board, gave further details on the space project. Together with the American and Russian partners, Astrium is jointly responsible for the training of the candidates, transport to and the stay on the ISS. Space tv is in charge of designing the qualifying competitions and the complete marketing of the project. Space tv will select the participants for the flight into space through a multimedia entertainment concept. The pan-European TV show to start the process of finding the final candidate will start in fall 2001. Space tv will develop the exclusive space flights and the selection of the candidates under the "Space Commander" logo into a global entertainment theme.

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