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Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2002

Stefan Raab goes DVD – "Best of TV total Vol. 1"

The most sensational guests, the craziest music clips and the most murderous boxing match of all time: the "TV total" – DVD is being launched! From January 28, 2002 a juicy 200 minutes "Best of TV total" are available in stores throughout the country.

Finally, the top highlights from "TV total" are available on DVD: the wittiest celebrity chats, including the Klitschkos, Gina Wild, "Bully" Herbig, Sammy Deluxe and No Angels, the best video clips ("Wir kiffen", "Sensacion", "Deutsche Land", "Wadde Hadde Dudde da", "Ce qu’on sait", "Flasche Bier", "Maschendrahtzaun") and the most spectacular boxing match of the century: "Raab versus Halmich", with the hardest punches in slow motion.

Furthermore: ABBA, Boney M., Modern Talking, The Brightners and the Raabsteady Crew – performed by Stefan Raab.

And this spectacle would, of course, not be complete without Germany’s most famous show trainee: in the interactive game "Chase Elton", the best Elton hunters can win tickets to "TV total".

The DVD player software is included!

This German television comedy highlight is produced by mediacs in cooperation with RAAB TV and distributed by Warner Vision.

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