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Donnerstag, 17. Januar 2002

VIVA Media AG Expands Management Board

- Jörg Grabosch is the new member of the management board of VIVA Media AG responsible for "Content" (CCO)
- VIVA Media AG’s CEO Dieter Gorny is the new CEO of the Management Board at BRAINPOOL TV AG
- BRAINPOOL TV AG transferred from the "New Market" (Neuer Markt) to the "regulated market" (Geregelter Markt) as of January 14, 2002

Cologne, January 17, 2002. VIVA Media AG has named Jörg Grabosch, former CEO of BRAINPOOL TV AG, a new member of its management board effective January 15, 2002. Jörg Grabosch joins Dieter Gorny (CEO) and Christian Gisy (CFO) as CCO at VIVA Media AG, responsible for "Content".

Following a successfully completed exchange offer, VIVA Media AG now holds approx. 96 per cent of the voting rights in BRAINPOOL TV AG. Dieter Gorny is the new CEO, and Christian Gisy is a new member of the management board at BRAINPOOL TV AG, which also includes Jörg Grabosch, Hartwin Räuchle, Martin Keß, and Ralf Günther.

Since January 14, 2002, the relatively small number of shares still in the free float of BRAINPOOL TV AG are not longer listed on the New Market, but on the regulated market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. VIVA Media AG is planning to squeeze out the remaining minority shareholders in BRAINPOOL TV AG, which is expected to take place on short notice in 2002.

After the capital increase initiated in conjunction with the takeover of BRAINPOOL TV AG, the total number of shares of VIVA Media AG now amounts to 24 413 107.

Contact: VIVA Media AG. Im Mediapark 2. D-50670 Cologne.
Investor Relations. Michael Armbrust. Phone: +49-(0)221-5744-1700.

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