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Freitag, 04. Juni 2004

Lack of sleep pays off with top quotas

The new Reality-Comedy-Show "Elton vs. Simon" is celebrating a sensational entry to late-night entertainment. A total of 1.3 million viewers watched the first outrageously funny contest between Elton and Simon Gosejohann.

Shame and humiliation for the loser, fame and honor for the winner- this is the credo of the show "Elton vs. Simon". This seems to hit the right tone with the viewers. The hilarious contest attained an unbelievable 18 percent market share in the advertising relevant target group (Viewers between 14 and 49 years). Particularly for the target group of younger viewers (14 to 29 years) the show "Elton vs. Simon" was a big hit at 35.9 percent market share.

Meanwhile the ex- Raab trainee and his co-host Gosejohann are already working on their next wacky contest. After all Gosejohann wants his revenge. He was the first to fall asleep after 3 days of trying to stay awake.

Basis: All television households in Germany (integrated television panel D+ EU)
Source: AGF / GfK Television Research / pc#tv aktuell / SevenOne Media Marketing & Research
Issued: 04.06.2004 (temporarily weighted: 04.06.2004)

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