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Freitag, 01. Oktober 2004

Isabell Werth triumphs at the first "TV total Championships 2004"

Isabell Werth is the "TV total" Champion of 2004! Yesterday, the Olympic show jumping medal winner expertly jumped all the obstacles at the CHIO grounds in Aachen riding Carina. Coming in just behind Isabell Werth in second place: presenter Tobi Schlegl, giving himself the "greatest birthday gift of his life". Third place was awarded to Sat.1 presenter Charlotte Karlinder Kusmagk on Karisma. However, host Stefan Raab and Zuckerpuppe were less successful. Following the first round, they were in tenth place with 25 penalty points and dropped out in the second round following a fall.

Up to 3.83 million viewers from the age of three tuned in to watch this extraordinary live event (an average of 2.87 million viewers and a market share of 11.4 percent). In the advertising-relevant target group of 14- to 49-year-olds, the "TV total Championship 2004" achieved a market share of 20.3 percent. Within the young target group of 14- to 29-year-olds, this spectacular show jumping event achieved a market share of 30.8 percent, with which the "TV total" event assumed market leadership in these target groups for the 8:15 p.m. to 11:35 p.m. timeslot.

The individual rankings:
1. Show jumping Olympic medal winner Isabell Werth on Carina
2. Presenter Tobi Schlegl on Antheuss
3. Presenter Charlotte Karlinder Kusmagk on Karisma
4. Versatility rider Bettina Hoy on Lantana
5. "Marienhof" star Michael Meziani on Clinaro
6. MTV presenter and actress Nora Tschirner on Morgenstern
7. Anne from the Preluders on Zoya
8. Elton on Diva

Dropped out:
"Bachelor" bride Juliane Ziegler on Gattopardo (mistake in the first round)
Joey Kelly on Gina (fell off horse in the second round)
Stefan Raab on Zuckerpuppe (fell off horse in the second round)

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