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Mittwoch, 01. Juni 2005

A winning boss: "Stromberg" Christoph Maria Herbst receives Bavarian Television Award 2005

The Bavarian Television Award jury has made its decision: Christoph Maria Herbst will receive this year’s award for his "dramatic performance in the entertainment series 'Stromberg'" – in his convincing role as the boss from hell!

ProSieben Head of Entertainment, Benthues: "We congratulate Christoph Maria Herbst on receiving this coveted award which proves that he has been perfectly cast as the worst boss the world has ever known! We look forward to seeing the new episodes of 'Stromberg' with this exceptional actor!" This year, Herbst has already been nominated for an Adolf Grimme Award. The German press has enthusiastically described him as "one of the best, if not the best, comedians in Germany" (kressreport) and "Stromberg" as "comedy deluxe" (TV 14).

Christoph Maria Herbst is currently filming the new episodes of the comedy series in Cologne: "Once again, I will try my best to portray ‘Stromberg’ in such a way that viewers could also almost like him. It is important that a character is not simply ‘only black’ or ‘only white’, but that – very much in the dialectical tradition – you always let out the opposite to the obvious. This ‘tragicomic’ element that surrounds Stromberg makes the portrayal human. It is about showing a person, who – like everybody – has been twisted by life and experiences. Only this makes us recognize what is so important to us all. Bernd Stromberg, a deputy head of department like you and me!"

Bernd Stromberg hits on hard times in Season Two – the dream of becoming department head has burst. There is a new boss. And this cuts Stromberg, the egomaniac, to the quick! Relegated to deputy head and "sentenced" to a life with a dissatisfied wife at home, he gradually slides into a full-blown midlife crisis...

"Stromberg" is a Brainpool TV GmbH production on behalf of ProSieben. Shooting for Season Two will be taking place in Cologne between May 24 and August 5, 2005.

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