Presse / 2005

Dienstag, 06. September 2005

Three BRAINPOOL productions nominated for the German Television Award

THE GERMAN TELEVISION AWARDS announced the nominations for 2005 in Berlin today. The nine-person jury selected 3 in each of the 23 television award categories from around 1,000 program proposals. BRAINPOOL productions were nominated in a total of three categories: in the "Best Sitcom" group, "Stromberg" – with Christoph Maria Herbst in the role of the nastiest boss of all times – is competing with "Nikola" and "Typisch Mann!". In the "Best Comedy" category, Christian Ulmen is competing with his series "My New Friend" against "Pastewka in..." and "Schillerstraße". And in the "Best Entertainment Show/Best Entertainment Presentation" category, Stefan Raab is competing with "The Grand TV total Tower Jump" for the coveted award. Also nominated are: "clever! Die Show, die Wissen schafft" and "Genial daneben - Die Comedy Arena".

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