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Mittwoch, 19. April 2006

"Elton vs. Simon": 100% tough

When these two meet up, they bet like mad: Elton and Simon Gosejohann don’t pass up any opportunities to compete. They will push their minds and bodies to the limit in seven new and bizarre competitions. "Elton vs. Simon" airs Thursdays at 11:15 p.m. on ProSieben starting 20 April 2006.

They are the best of friends, but the most brutal competitors: When Elton ("TV total") and Simon Gosejohann ("comedystreet") meet up, things get crazy. The two comedians have an unusual hobby: They make up new and funny competitions to find out who is tougher, stronger or cooler.
Up to 34.6% of young television viewers followed the first season of "Elton vs. Simon" in spring 2005. In the target group of viewers ages 14-49 so important for advertisers, the reality comedy show claimed market shares of up to 15.8% with ridiculous competitions (e.g. "Who can get along longer without using their arms?" or "Who can create the better circus number?").

In seven new episodes, Elton and Simon will push themselves to their limits, especially when it comes to physical endurance and toughness: They get down on their knees "Who can last longer on all fours?"), gorge themselves with food ("Who can gain more weight in three days?"), hold a rodeo in a meadow ("Who can sit on a cow the longest?") and are not afraid to enter into a lasting commitment with each other ("Who can stay chained to the other the longest?").
The psychological challenges will also be tougher: Elton and Simon need to put their friendship aside when confronted with "Who can stay silent the longest?", "Who can earn more money in three days?" and "Who can win the most mini competitions?".
Both comedians take this confrontation very seriously. Bitter punishments await the loser under the show motto "Honour and glory for the winner, humiliation for the loser".

"Elton vs. Simon" – seven new episodes airing Thursdays at 11:15 p.m. on ProSieben, starting 20 April 2006.

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