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Montag, 03. April 2006

The countdown starts now! Reiner Calmund and Anke Engelke as guests on "Pochers WM-Countdown"

The starting whistle for "Pochers WM-Countdown" (live)! From Monday, 3 April, 9:15 p.m., there is only one subject for Oliver Pocher: the football World Cup 2006! In his ten shows, the ProSieben presenter will be travelling the participating countries, reviewing the preparations for the World Cup in his own country and talking to his guests on the studio couch. In the first show, he will be speaking to the official World Cup ambassador from North Rhine-Westphalia, Reiner Calmund, and the comedy star Anke Engelke.

Oliver Pocher is right in the thick of it: Oliver Pocher’s first journey takes him to the World Cup’s most exotic country: Trinidad/Tobago. There he experiences carnival with the football-mad islanders: “The carnival there is a little different to the carnival in Cologne – there they really let their hair down. I have rarely had so many women wanting to dance with me.” He also plays football with the local children on the beach, checks which German footballers the people from the Caribbean are familiar with, and tries to swap his German football shirt for a Trinidad/Tobago shirt. Does he manage it?

Here in Germany everything must, of course, be very orderly: in his capacity as “FIFA Commissioner“ Oliver checks an evangelical bookshop in Hanover to see if everything corresponds to the official Fifa standards. Oliver Pocher will also parody well-known football advertisements and chat about the major sporting event of the year with his colleagues Reiner Calmund and Anke Engelke.

Ten episodes starting on Monday, 3 April, at 9:15 p.m.

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