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Freitag, 28. Juli 2006

"Smash Raab": Beat Stefan Raab, win 500,000 euro

Viewers versus host – an all-time first: In "Smash Raab" a candidate can win 500,000 euro in a duel with Stefan Raab. It's all or nothing. If the candidate doesn't beat Raab, he won't get a cent. In the big Saturday evening show, victory or defeat will be decided in a duel in various disciplines by skill, sporting expertise, knowledge, boldness - and luck. Applications can be submitted now by phoning 01377/970000 (0.98 euro/call). "Smash Raab" on 23 September 2006 at 20:15 live on ProSieben.

He's the world wok champion, a high-diving acrobat and a reigning stock-car champion. Stefan Raab beat Olympia medallist Claudia Pechstein on the speed-skating track, made women's world champion boxer Regina Halmich sweat in the ring and in the "Humiliation or Cash" segment of his programme "TV total" he proves week after week that he's difficult to beat in the "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing" stakes.

Now a candidate will get the chance of his life: He can become rich and famous at a stroke. But first he has to get past Stefan Raab and beat the all-round athlete in a never before seen duel over ten to fifteen rounds. Skill, sporting expertise and knowledge are needed in "Smash Raab", as are courage and an iron will. Before the eyes of the nation even the simplest tasks become a nail-biting torment. A hurdle which Stefan Raab himself will not have to take: "I may not be the best in all competitions, but I have an unbeatable advantage: I'm not nervous!"

Thanks to an ingenious points system the duel will retain its excitement right up to the end. Even someone who initially loses out in every game will still be able to catch up with his opponent by winning the remaining rounds. If the candidate is just a nose ahead at the end he will win 500,000 euro. If he loses, the money will go into the jackpot for the following show. Then a new candidate will be able to go for the million euro prize! You can learn more about the competition and the challengers of part-time athlete Stefan Raab as from 28 August 2006 in "TV total".

If you want to tackle Stefan Raab yourself you can apply now by phoning 01377/970000 (0.98 euro/call) and at A total of five candidates will come onto the show. The viewers at home will then decide by phone live on 23 September 2006 in "Smash Raab" who will go through to play against Stefan Raab for 500,000 euro.

"Smash Raab" is produced by Brainpool TV GmbH for ProSieben.

"Smash Raab" on Saturday, 23 September 2006, at 20:15 hours LIVE on ProSieben

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