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Mittwoch, 21. Juni 2006

Stefan Raab gambles: professional poker tournament with Heike Makatsch, Michael Bully Herbig, Sasha and Elton on ProSieben

Before Stefan Raab takes his summer break, he’s going to pull four aces from his sleeve again: in "Die TV total Nacht" the poker face invites the professional gamblers Heike Makatsch, Michael Bully Herbig, Sasha and Elton to the poker table. Oliver Welke presents the great bluffing and bidding on 6 July 2006, at 22.05 on ProSieben.

The game is played according to the internationally recognised Raab rules of poker: all participants receive play money provided for their use. And then it is a question of keeping their nerve! For prize money to the amazing amount of 100,000 Euro is just waiting in the pot to be divided among the players. And: Stefan Raab and co. are coming up against serious competition. Since one lucky viewer has the chance to take part in the celebrity poker round and win the pot from under their noses. The qualification tournaments are now running on, the free poker school in the internet. The victor will start as a wildcard winner on 6 July 2006 in "Die TV total Nacht" on ProSieben.

Who won’t allow himself a look at the cards – who must let his trousers down? At the end, the winner will take home 50,000 euros, the runner-up will have to be content with 20,000 euros and third place receives 15,000 euros. There is 10,000 euros left for fourth place, and fifth place receives 5,000 euros, but there's nothing for the last. Oliver Welke will be assisted in presenting by a professional poker specialist. The kick-out rule will be played – anyone who has no play money left is kicked out.

"Die TV total Nacht" on Thursday 6 July 2006, at 22.05 on ProSieben

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