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Donnerstag, 08. Juni 2006

Stefan Raab’s WM Show (World Cup Show): no games, no goals

"Die offizielle TV total WM Eröffnungsgala" (The Official TV total World Cup Kick-off Gala) on June 8, 2006 at 10:15 p.m. / "WM total" (LIVE at 11 p.m.) and "Pocher zu Gast in Deutschland" (Pocher Visits Germany – at midnight p.m.) from June 12 to July 6, 2006 Mondays to Thursdays on ProSieben.

The World Cup in your own country – without an official opening ceremony? Absolutely impossible! Although FIFA cancelled the festivities in January, Stefan Raab is providing a fitting kick-off to the World Cup weeks on ProSieben. "Die offizielle TV total WM Eröffnungsgala" airs one day before Klinsmann’s team even get to touch the ball – and revolves around the "beautiful game" – soccer. Then there is only one thing for Tipp Kick fans to do: switch their TVs on! Because who can reliably predict which team will become World Champions? A soothsayer, of course! Stefan Raab welcomes Germany’s, in her own words, best-known clairvoyant, Angelika Hoos to his joint title oracle. And with his soccer song, "Goodbye", pop star Sasha will provide the musical backdrop.

And the World Cup theme continues: from June 12, 2006 from Mondays to Thursdays, Stefan Raab will be commenting LIVE at 11 p.m. in "WM total" on the events around this soccer spectacle. His pledge: "WM total – the comprehensive soccer show on German television: no game, no goals." But he will be inviting soccer-crazy guests to his "TV total" World Cup Studio, including "Sportfreunde Stiller", who are cheering our team on with their hit "’54, ’74, ’90, 2006", along with the comedy duo "Mundstuhl" and their witty song "We’re Germans, Football play we better than you". Stefan Raab’s guests can even get sporty: in "TV total Blind Kick", the "human” version of Tipp Kick, two players compete against each other – blindfolded and "remote controlled" through Stefan Raab and his guests’ instructions. Conversely, knowledge in place of talent is required for the World Cup edition of the "TV total" quiz
"Blamieren oder Kassieren" (Shame or Cash), where quizmaster Elton, asks Stefan Raab and a candidate from the audience questions relating to soccer.

This is immediately followed by "Pocher zu Gast in Deutschland". The best place to watch the World Cup 2006 is with friends. And as it is widely-known that Oliver Pocher has no friends, he is invited to the homes and workplaces of ProSieben viewers. In the first week, he will be visiting the Siegburg fire service, the Mariott Hotel in Cologne and an allotment garden in Dortmund. The crowning conclusion is a visit to a brothel in Dortmund. Together with the ladies, Oliver will watch the England/Trinidad game. 16 episodes from June 12, Mondays to Thursdays, midnight.

The World Cup with Stefan Raab and Oliver Pocher: "Die offizielle TV total WM Eröffnungsgala" on June 8, 2006 at 10:15 p.m. / "WM total" (World Cup total – LIVE at 11 p.m.) and "Pocher zu Gast in Deutschland" (midnight) from June 12 to July 6, 2006, Mondays to Thursdays on ProSieben.

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