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Montag, 20. November 2006

Stefan Raab is unbeatable – one-third of all 14- to 49-year-olds watched the entertainer’s victory on "Schlag den Raab" (Beat Raab)

29.5 percent of the market share in the advertising-relevant target group for Stefan Raab’s game duel / with the day’s market victory for ProSieben (17.6 percent of the market share) / Stefan Raab now plays for € 1.5 million on January 27, 2007

Even in the second edition of his "Schlag den Raab" multi-discipline competition, Stefan Raab remained unbeatable for his challenger. Audience candidate Johannes lost the duel against the entertainer. And Stefan also managed to beat the TV competition: 29.5 percent, almost one-third of all 14- to 49-year-old viewers, tuned in to watch the always-gripping 14-round duel. Almost half of young viewers (14-29-year-olds) watched: a staggering 47.6 percent market share. "Schlag den Raab" secured ProSieben the strongest position on Saturday night with the day’s market victory with a 17.6 percent market share (RTL: 11.7 %, Sat.1: 8.8 %). Up to 5.39 million viewers from the age of three and an excellent average of 3.84 million huddled in front of the TV screens, keeping their fingers crossed for Johannes.

Who wants to be a millionaire? For Johannes from Regensburg, Saturday night offered him the opportunity of a lifetime – with a duel against Stefan Raab. € 1 million were at stake. But the elite student drew the short straw against the entertainer at the end of the day. Of the first eleven games, Johannes lost ten. Go-carting, climbing, sandwich making and the geography tests – Stefan Raab won almost all of them, albeit by the skin of his teeth. The secret of his success: "I am always highly-motivated when it comes down to winning." Johannes was a dignified loser: "I can’t even blame my defeat on being nervous. He was simply better." In the next edition of "Schlag den Raab" on January 27, 2007, a new candidate will be playing for an amazing € 1.5 million!

"I share a birthday with Stefan Raab, although I am 15 years younger, really fit and smarter than him. I will beat Raab", announced the 25-year-old self-confidently at the start of the show. The viewers believed in the MBA and law student from Regensburg and chose him from the five applicants to compete against Stefan Raab. But ultimately experience conquered youthful élan. Even when it came to ascending a 22-m climbing wall, "old man" Stefan Raab stunned audiences: "slung my 86 kg up that wall without hesitation. Just a fraction of a second before I would have had to let go, I managed to grab onto the final grip." Johannes was relaxed about his defeat: "At the end of the day, I have the same amount of money as before. But I just can’t lose." Stefan Raab was ecstatic about his victory: "It was really close. But the old man managed to show the whippersnapper how it’s done."

The Games:

Game 1 TUG-OF-WAR:
Stefan Raab flexes his muscles even in the first game. In the tug-of-war, he puts his entire weight behind the challenge and drags Johannes over the finish line: Raab leads 1:0.

Game 2: WHERE IS IT?
This combination of geography test and general knowledge test remained tense until the very final question. The all-decisive question “Where is the world’s most important diamond trading place?” (Antwerp), Stefan Raab’s answer was exactly four kilometers closer. 3:0 for the entertainer.

You need to be willing to reach for the stars, if you want to win a million: Stefan Raab and Johannes have six minutes to ascend a 22-m wall. You might have thought that the heavier Stefan Raab would have failed here: clearly out of breath, he reaches the summit before Johannes. Interim score: 6:0 for Stefan Raab.

Game 4: MUSIC
Various celebrities each sing a single note, from which a song is created. The competitors must guess what this song is. Despite racing pulse and lack of breath, musician Raab does not lose his perfect pitch. Hobby DJ Johannes loses out. 10:0 for Stefan Raab.

A gripping duel, in which the “John McEnroe from Cologne” manages to secure himself the points at the end (15:12). However, his Badminton racket does not survive his exuberant joy. 15:0 for Stefan Raab.

Is the statement true or false? Does a dice have 12 edges? Yes! Does Johannes know that? The first points for the audience candidate: now it’s only 15:6 for Raab.

For one minute, objects appear with captions below them. The person who can remember the most, wins – it’s as simple as that. Stefan Raab recalls 14 of the 20 captions, Johannes only 13. Actually a victory for Stefan Raab! But because Raab was shown a different number of captions to Johannes, notary public Dr. Stefan Klein annuls the game. Instead, the duelists compete at HIT THE CAN. But Stefan Raab keeps his cool and wins. 22:6!

Both duelists complete 5 "sharp" rounds on a specially-designed go-cart track. Only the fastest round counts. 24.030 seconds – too fast for Johannes. 30: 6 for Stefan Raab.

Both duelists have 11 cards worth between 1 and 11. The one who secures himself the most hands by the end of the game has won. Raab keeps track of the cards and remains cool and collected: 39:6 for Stefan Raab.

Stefan Raab and Johannes compete against each other for three minutes on a mini-soccer pitch. The entertainer is defending – he wins 4:1, increasing his overall lead by a further ten points: 49:6.

The two duelists have three minutes to make a cheese sandwich, which is precisely 417 g in weight. The trained butcher has an eye for the right portions: Stefan Raab’s sandwich weighs in at 447 g – enough to win the game. The score is 60:6 for Raab, who now needs only one point for victory.

A chance for Johannes to make a comeback – after all, he was German Junior Champion. And lo and behold: Raab fails to dunk the ball and Johannes narrows Raab’s lead to 18 to 60.

This is all about general knowledge. Elton asks the questions – and Johannes knows the answers. Raab loses second "match ball": now only 31 to 60.

Game 14: POOL
Eight balls each to sink. Stefan Raab keeps his cool and pockets them all: final score – 74:31.

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