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Montag, 18. September 2006

The Grand ProSieben Federal Youth Games: high jumps, good times, great ratings

In the name of sportsmanship! Yesterday evening, "The Grand ProSieben Federal Youth Games" was watched by 15.5 percent of 14- to 49-year-old viewers (1.45 million) Among the 14- to 29-year-olds, a remarkable 28.7 percent tuned in to ProSieben to watch the live event with presenters Oliver Pocher and Elton.

They battled, sweated and gave it their all. Giulia Siegel, Ruth Moschner, Monica Ivancan, Jana Ina, Julia Stinshoff, Kai Böcking, Ralf Richter, Oli. P, Smudo and Bürger Lars Dietrich were all able to overcome the "trauma" suffered in their youth and entered the Federal Youth Games once again. The objective: the Merit Certificate!

Long jump and high jump, the sprint, the medium distance and the shot-put were all on the agenda for the VIP Federal Youth Games participants on Saturday evening. The event kicked off with the ladies’ 50-meter sprint. Oliver Pocher was backing his girlfriend, Monica Ivancan. "She always races to the supermarket, that much I can tell you", claimed the presenter. But this discipline was won by Giulia Siegel in 8.48 seconds, despite the fact that she was spotted moments before the show, puffing deeply on a cigarette.

Oli. P, who had a thigh injury, was frenetically fired on by the audience during the high jump. I fell down the stairs yesterday, explained the singer and RTL II presenter with a pained expression. Despite his handicap, he cleared the 1.50-meter bar and took pole position in this discipline.

But he was not the only person to suffer injury on the night. During the men’s 1000-meter race, actor Ralf Richter collapsed after only 250 meters. "I have a bruised rib from a cycling accident and am finding it difficult to breathe."

At the end of the night, the participants nervously awaited the results. Was their performance sufficient for the Merit Certificate? Monica Ivancan, Giulia Siegel, Julia Stinshoff, Smudo, Bürger Lars Dietrich and Oli. P were able to take the highly-coveted document with the original signature of Federal President Horst Köhler home. Kai Böcking, Ruth Moschner and Jana Ina were awarded the Winner’s Certificate. Unfortunately, the injured Ralf Richter only received the Participant’s Certificate.

Overall winner among the men was Oli. P, and leading the ranking for the women was Julia Stinshoff. Oliver Pocher’s girlfriend, Monica, came third. The final comments from the presenter: "That’s great! I will be increasing the housekeeping from tomorrow onwards."

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