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Freitag, 20. April 2007

Successful kick-off: “Hilfe! Hochzeit!” and “Ladyland” launch with excellent ratings

The two BRAINPOOL productions “Hilfe! Hochzeit!” and “Ladyland” were smash hits on Friday evening: “Hilfe! Hochzeit! – Die schlimmste Woche meines Lebens” (Help! Wedding! – The Worst Week of my Life), the new Sat.1 comedy series with Christoph Maria Herbst, achieved an average of 1.49 million viewers and a market share of 13.9 percent in the advertising-relevant target group.
“Ladyland” was even more successful: 1.66 million 14- to 49-year-old viewers tuned into watch the short stories with Anke Engelke on Sat.1, corresponding to a fantastic market share of 15.9 percent.

The new seven-part Sat.1 comedy series, “Hilfe, Hochzeit! – Die schlimmste Woche meines Lebens”, with Christoph Maria Herbst in the lead role as the bridegroom-to-be, shows that the final days before a wedding are not necessarily characterized by anticipatory joy, but that the week before getting married can also be catastrophic, nerve-wracking and almost fatal. In “Hilfe! Hochzeit!”, Christoph Maria Herbst plays the amicably-innocuous bank employee, Joachim Witte. He and his fiancée, Anna von Schanz (Ulrike C. Tscharre), plan to wed – and have quite a lot left to organize just one week before the big day. Unfortunately, everything that can possibly go wrong seems to go wrong in the course of these seven days, the week developing into a nightmare of increasingly Titan proportions from one day to the next. And Joachim is only trying to do the right thing.

In “Ladyland”, Anke Engelke reveals a further facet of her talent. In two short stories per episode, Anke Engelke slips into the guise of a total of 24 different women: some tough, some gentle, some tragic and all comical – and always 100 percent Anke Engelke of course, the woman with a thousand faces. The “LADYLAND” short stories are tales taken from real life: surprising, exciting, grin-inspiring, hair-raising, crazy and sometimes also tragically comical. (Almost) situations that could take place anywhere in the world on any given day. In each episode, Anke Engelke slips into very different roles: she plays an arrogant real estate agent who suddenly finds herself in a cow shed; she is a diminutive clerical worker, who suddenly finds a marksman on her balcony; she is an aspiring Minister President with an alcohol-problem; then a hotel receptionist with artistic ambitions and a simpleton of a blonde bimbo, who actually receives a text message from God.

“Hilfe! Hochzeit!” – every Friday at 9:15 p.m. Directly followed at by “Ladyland” 9:45 p.m. on Sat.1.

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