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Donnerstag, 22. Februar 2007

Comeback in a Wok: Georg Hackl wants to have another stab at it

One year ago, sleighing legend Georg Hackl ended his active career. Now this amicable Bavarian is celebrating his comeback – in a wok. On Stefan Raab’s "TV total Wok World Cup 2007" at the Olympic bobsleigh run at Innsbruck/Igls, Georg Hackl will become "Georg Wok and Roll". The 40-year-old wants to regain his Wok World Cup title that he conceded to Joey Kelly last year.

The high-speed rice pan race is taking place on ProSieben for the fifth time now. In two disciplines, the Wok pilots will be competing for the World Cup title. On the winner’s podium ever since the second Wok World Cup in 2004 is the same trio: Stefan Raab, Georg Hackl and Joey Kelly are the three world champions of wok sport to date. After Stefan Raab won in 2003, Georg Hackl in 2004 and 2005, Irishman Joey Kelly was able to secure himself the World Cup title in 2006 after three victory-free years. Last year, initiator Stefan Raab was beaten to second place by "Georg Wok and Roll", receiving only the Bronze. In the 2006 four-man wok event, multiple Olympic medalists and winter sports stars Sandra Kiriasis, Silke Kraushaar, Susi Erdmann and Christoph Langen secured the World Champions title. And these high-performance athletes hope to defend the titles in the "TV total Wok World Cup 2007". Also risking life and limb are Christian Clerici, Elton and freshly-crowned bobsleigh World Champion André Lange. The race event will be presented by sports expert Oliver Welke. Sonya Kraus will be interviewing the wok racers as they arrive in the finish area.

Courage, healthy ambition and great curve techniques are essential for successful "wokking". But progress in wok research, development and science has long been decisive in securing crucial advantages in the battle for the title. At the wok track at the Olympic bobsleigh run at Innsbruck/Igls in Tyrol, top wok mechanics and scientists are feverishly working with state-of-the-art facilities and technology to optimally tune their woks – heating, grinding, beating out and polishing to within an inch of the woks’ lives. The bobsleigh run was prepared especially for "The TV total Wok World Cup 2007", hence making it even faster and more dangerous. On the high-speed run through the Innsbruck slopes and curves last year, racers reached velocities of almost 100 km/h. The wok speed records are 97 km/h for the four-man wok and 88.40 km/h for the one-man wok.

"The TV total Wok World Cup" on Friday, March 9, 2007, at 8:45 p.m. live on ProSieben / "The TV total Wok World Cup – The Qualifying" on Thursday, March 8, 2007, at 10:45 p.m., also live

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