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Freitag, 25. Januar 2008

BRAINPOOL on track for awards: six Grimme Award nominations

The Grimme Institute announced the nominations for the Adolf Grimme Award 2008 today. BRAINPOOL productions have been nominated a staggering six times. In the Entertainment category, these include “Fröhliche Weihnachten!” (Merry Christmas – Sat.1), “Schlag den Raab” (Beat Raab – ProSieben), “Pastewka” (Sat.1) and “Kinder, Kinder” (Children, Children – RTL). The four BRAINPOOL productions are competing with each other, lining up against 12 further nominations. And a BRAINPOOL series has also been nominated in the fiction category. The ProSieben thriller series “Dr. Psycho” with Christian Ulmen playing a police psychologist is the only nomination of a private broadcaster in this genre.
Nominated for the Grimme Special Entertainment Award is Tobi Baumann for his directing skills in various comedy shows and series including “Kinder, Kinder” and “Fröhliche Weihnachten!”.

The coveted Marl Television Awards are presented in the “Fiction”, “Information and Culture” and “Entertainment” categories. Of the total of twelve awards, the Specialist Jury presents two entertainment awards.

About the nominations:
In the grand Saturday night show “Schlag den Raab”, host Stefan Raab competes against a candidate in up to 15 different disciplines. If the challenger manages to beat Raab, he or she stands to win at least € 500,000.

The comedy series “Pastewka” portrays stories from the everyday life of comedian Bastian Pastewka. He is a loveable loser with a colorful imagination, the desperate desire to do everything right and the talent of saying exactly the right thing, albeit normally at the most inappropriate moment.

In “Fröhliche Weihnachten!”, Anke Engelke and Bastian Pastewka – alias Wolfgang & Anneliese – present a sensationally wacky parody of all the Christmas shows ever broadcast on German television. “Fröhliche Weihnachten!” is a spectacular extravaganza of transformation with two of the best and most popular German comedians.

The police psychologist in “Dr. Psycho” (Christian Ulmen as series hero Max Munzl) has a tough job fighting organized crime in his SWAT team. The die-hard unit lacks manpower and equipment, despite the fact that the “powers that be” seem to ensure that there is money for the squad “shrink”.

Tobias Baumann, born in Koblenz in 1974, debuted as a movie director in 2004 with his successful Edgar Wallace parody, “Der Wixxer” (The Jack-off Artist). This was followed by television projects (“Kinder, Kinder”, “LiebesLeben” [LoveLife], Ladyland”) before Baumann made his second movie “Vollidiot” (Total Idiot) in 2007.

All nominations can be viewed on

With this year’s nominations, “Schlag den Raab” and “Pastewka” have been proposed for a Grimme Award for the second time. Stefan Raab received the Grimme Award Special for “SSDSGPS – ein Lied für Istanbul” (SSDSGPS – A Song for Istanbul) in 2005. Anke Engelke also received a Grimme Award Special for “Die Wochenshow” (The Weekly Show – 1999). Further BRAINPOOL productions that have already received Grimme Awards include “Stromberg” (2006) and “Die Harald Schmidt Show” (The Harald Schmidt Show – 1999).

The 44th Adolf Grimme Awards 2008 will be presented on April 4 in Marl.

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