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Freitag, 30. Mai 2008

SevenOne International: ‘Schlag den Raab’ to air on Kanal 5on in Sweden beginning in autumn

SevenOne International has sold its successful show – ‘Schlag den Raab’, which normally airs on ProSieben – to Sweden. In Sweden, Kanal 5 will air the format, entitled ‘Vem kan sla Filip och Fredrik’ [‘Who can beat Filip and Fredrik?’], in a prime-time weekend slot beginning in autumn 2008. As challengers, comedians Filip and Fredrik will join forces as a team and take turns facing off against someone from the audience. The duo are already hosts of another successful show on Kanal 5 (‘100 höjdare’: ‘100 climaxes’) in Sweden, where they are celebrated as cult figures, primarily because of their bizarre humour. A team of 100 at Kanal 5 will produce ‘Vem kan sla Filip och Fredrik?’ in a studio 5,375 m2 studio in Stockholm. Executive producer of the show is STO-CPH.

Jens Richter, Managing Director at SevenOne International: ‘For nearly two years, “Schlag den Raab” has aired with an uniformly sensational market share in Germany. This viewership success is drawing attention to the format across national borders. “Schlag den Raab” is also a convincing idea that, even internationally, is innovative and full of surprises.’

Lars Beckung, Managing Director at Kanal 5: ‘The show concept behind “Schlag den Raab” won us over straight away. Swedish TV has never seen anything like it before. Filip and Fredrik are the perfect challengers: they are really sore losers and will give everything they’ve got to defeat their opponent.’

Fredrik Wikingsson, challenger: ‘It’s going to be great good fun facing off against the Swedish TV nation. Filip and I are no superheroes. Together, though, we’re a nearly unbeatable team.’

To date, SevenOne International has sold ‘Schlag den Raab’ (Producer: Raab TV/BRAINPOOL) in twelve countries, including Great Britain, The Netherlands and Denmark. In the international TV market, the format is sold under the title ‘Beat your Host!’.

‘Schlag den Raab’

Viewer versus host – there’s never been anything like this before: on ‘Schlag den Raab’, a candidate stands to go home with breathtaking amounts of money. The minimum purse on the German show is EUR 500,000. If the host wins, the money lands in the jackpot; if his challenger wins, he takes the money home. On the show, a duel in a variety of disciplines involving skill, sport, knowledge, daring – and a little luck – decides between victory and defeat. Which is why only candidates with brains and athletic skills stand a chance of winning.

‘Schlag den Raab’ has been on air in Germany since September 2006. The shows shown to date on ProSieben have reached average viewership shares of 25.4 percent, with peak values of up to 31.5 percent. This makes ‘Schlag den Raab’ German television’s most successful newcomer TV show in more than four years. The next edition will air on 31st May 2008 at 8:15 p.m. There, challenger Stefan Raab and his opponent will be competing against one another for the sensational purse of EUR 2.5 million!

SevenOne International

SevenOne International is the worldwide programming distribution arm of the ProSiebenSat.1 Group, one of the largest pan-European media groups, represented in 13 countries with 26 free-TV and 24 pay-TV stations. SevenOne International offers an extensive portfolio with TV events, TV movies, telenovellas, prime-time series and miniseries, and magazines and entertainment formats. SevenOne International also markets and co-finances third-party programming. The company headquarters are located in Unterföhring, near Munich. The Managing Director of SevenOne International is Jens Richter.

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