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Mittwoch, 21. November 2012

“TV total Turmspringen 2012”: Three-and-a-half hours of training every day for a two-second dive

How do people get ready for the "TV total Turmspringen" high diving event? What do the divers think about? And how do the celebrity participants learn the right technique? This Saturday, 24 November 2012, 26 VIP divers will climb the ladder – including Stefan Raab, Fernanda Brandao, Micaela Schäfer, Elton, Fabian Hambüchen, Joey Kelly, Tom Beck – to compete from the diving board. ProSieben is broadcasting this event live at 8.15 pm.

Television host Annica Hansen is one of the divers, currently preparing for the event in Cologne with professional trainers from the German Swimming Federation (DSV). “I try to train almost every day,” said the 30-year old. She aims to dive from the five-metre board from a handstand. It will take her 1.7 seconds to hit the water. She is training three-and-a-half hours each day for the dive: “I start with an hour of weight training and dive from 6.00 to 8.30 pm.”

Diving competition director and DSV judge Gerd Völker and his team find the ideal dive for each participant: “First, we see what each individual diver is capable of before they are allowed on the diving board,” said Völker. “We pick the dives they will work towards based on their abilities.” A person’s potential on the diving board becomes apparent on land: “Before we get in the water, we need to practice the movements on dry land,” explained Annica Hansen. The divers practice in the so-called “landing pit”, a pool filled with pieces of felt. “We jump straight down from the three, five and seven-and-a-half metre boards to get a feeling for the height,” continued Hansen.

Every diver ends up with minor injuries, like bruises and contusions. Annica Hansen experienced her most painful injury on land, not water: “I hit my knee against the steps of the diving platform, slipped and landed in the splits – it was glorious. First, I thought my knee was broken – but it was just a contusion.”

“TV total Turmspringen”: Stefan Raab started this water sport event in 2005, awarding medals in individual and synchronised diving. Participants can choose whether they want to dive from three, five, seven-and-a-half or ten metres. Last year, unbeatable star gymnast Fabian Hambüchen won two gold medals – in individual and synchronised diving (with partner Jonas Reckermann). Between dives, viewers will enjoy live performances from a-ha lead singer Morton Harket with “I Am The One”, Max Herre with “Fühlt sich wie Fliegen an” and Marteria with “Lila Wolken”.

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