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Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2001

BRAINPOOL TV AG develops international network

Cologne, June 20, 2001: BRAINPOOL TV AG is continuing to develop its international network of independent media companies. Together with its Swiss subsidiary Grégoire Furrer Productions (GFP), it has acquired 50 percent in the French entertainment producer Show Devant Productions S.A. (SDP) (BRAINPOOL 45%; GFP 5%). SDP produces TV and live entertainment formats with the focus on comedy, including the TV show "Fous d’humour" for France 2. In 2000 with 12 employees the company generated sales of round about FF 50 million, with an operating result of over FF 3 million.

Half of the purchase price of FF 20 million flows into the company as a capital increase and is to be used to finance initial joint projects. The operative co-operation has already commenced. Thus formats of the BRAINPOOL Group such as "TV total", "Die Wochenshow" or "Mircomania" and productions of the British BRAINPOOL participation RONIN are to be adapted for and marketed in France. The remaining FF 10 million are to be paid to the founder Jimmy Lévy, famous as discoverer of such well-known French comedians such as Jamel, Michel Muller and Eric et Ramzy. He is to assume the artistic management of the company as Managing Director. Lévy is to be supported by Grégoire Furrer, Managing Director of the BRAINPOOL subsidiary GFP, who will be responsible for the strategic expansion of SDP.

With the participation in SDP BRAINPOOL has made a targeted extension of its international network in France, moving beyond its participations RONIN (Great Britain) and GFP (Switzerland).

"Strategically it is far more advantageous to enter into a partnership with a well-known company than to try to assert ourselves on a new market, which may take years“, according to Jörg Grabosch, Chief Executive Officer of BRAINPOOL TV AG. “Through Show Devant Productions we have direct access to the decision-makers of French TV and we are at the leading edge of artistic creation in the entertainment and comedy sectors.

In addition, Show Devant Productions share the same concept as us, which are first and foremost directed toward the development of artists and formats."

"For Show Devant”, says Jimmy Lévy, “it has become an essential condition of development, particularly that of TV programmes, to join a major group. For this purpose we required partners to whom the artistic culture is the soul of the company, as is the case with Show Devant. This is our opportunity ﷓ via Grégoire Furrer, who forged the link to Brainpool and Jörg Grabosch – to devise and produce comedy and entertainment within a European and international context.”

Partner profiles

Show Devant Productions S.A. (SDP)

In France Show Devant Productions, founded in 1983 by the producer Jimmy Lévy, launched artists such as Jamel, Bigard, Les Vamps, Courtemanche, Dany Boon, Gad Elmaleh, Patrick Timsit and also Michel Muller, Eric et Ramzy, to name but a few. This year the company will produce shows by Gad Elmaleh, Michel Muller, Virginie Lemoine, Didier Bénureau and the TV show “Fous d’humour”, on France 2, presented by Clémence Arnaud. Show Devant Productions also owns the “Palais des Glaces” theatre in Paris”.

Grégoire Furrer Productions (GFP)

GFP is 49% owned by its founder Grégoire Furrer. The remaining 51% is held by Brainpool TV. The Montreux-based company has eight staff and achieved sales of CHF 2.9 million in 2000. GFP is the only trilingual Comedy producer in Europe – it founded the Montreux, Zurich, Locarno, Berne, St-Gall and Lucerne comedy festivals and the Loèche-les-Bains Festival of Clowns – and manages several artists such as Vincent Roca, François Rollin, Peter Pitofsky, Rob Spence, Leo Bassi and Elliott. The company has also produced many comedy shows which are mainly shown in Switzerland, France and Germany.

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