Presse / 2001

Montag, 14. Mai 2001

“TV total” magazine presents successful readership information

Cologne, May 10, 2001: a survey of 1,219 readers of “TV total” magazine in March produced excellent results. Both the average age and the reading habits correspond precisely to the target group projected by the magazine since January this year.
According to the study, the average age of readers is 21.2-years-old, whereby 73% of readers belong to the core target group of 14-29-year-olds. As expected, the male readership is, with 57%, somewhat higher.

The innovative concept of “TV total” was also broadly accepted, a concept to launch a young journal with a complete television guide section. “TV total” readers use the magazine very intensively; 85% of readers read all/almost all of the pages. On average, readers access the television guide section around 14 times to inform themselves about the television scheduling.

For further information and the results of the study, please contact Ms Sandra Husemann at the “TV total” Advertising Division on Tel.: +49 (0) 40/347 272 95.

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