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Montag, 15. Oktober 2001

Elton receives his own show

Elton, Stefan Raab’s show trainee, has plenty of experience with the Internet. On a regular basis, he tracks down the weirdest and wackiest Websites and clips and presents them on "TV total". He has passed his exam to his mentor’s total satisfaction... However, the time has now come to prove that he can stand on his own two feet: ""! From December 6, 2001, at 11:15 p.m., Elton will be presenting his very own TV show to his very own audience – every Thursday following "TV total".

"I think this is a great "further training" measure for Elton. But it goes without saying that Elton will continue to be the show trainee on "TV total". And I’m sure that I will appear as a guest on his show from time to time, to present him with the occasional "Gold Star for Achievement", enthuses Stefan Raab, whose company, "Raab TV", will be producing "".

To date they have been exchanged secretly from one office to the next: those hilarious, short films downloaded from the Internet. But the really cool clips are not that easy to find. Sure, everybody knows a couple... but the Web harbors so many treasures, nobody can know all these clips and sites. Nobody – apart from Elton! He knows them all!

And because sitting at the computer alone is only half as much fun, Elton will be host to computer freaks, "T-Online users", as well as stars and celebrities – simply everybody who likes surfing the World-Wide Web. Together, they will test the latest video games, rave at spectacular homepages or simply order a pizza online – from a fast food joint in Australia! The Web knows no limits – and certainly not on "". Call center staff and customer services will learn to love Elton and his telephone – or should we say "hate"?! And woe to all, should Germany’s most famous trainee ever have cause to leave the studio...

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