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Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2001

The OnlineStar 2001 for!

Regarded on the World-Wide Web as the “Oscar” of all cyber awards for many years now – the “OnlineStar” user award. It all happened on Monday night: com!online presented – within the context of a grand gala at the Munich BERDUX film studios – this year’s winner of the only audience award for the Internet. Clear winner in the “VIPS and Celebrities” category: the “TV total” Website! With 21,903 of a total of 75,000 votes, the Website unquestionably beat the Website of Harald Schmidt (8,859 votes) into second place, and that of Michael Mittermeier (5,433 votes) into third.
Stefan Raab, who was unable to accept the award in person, thanked all Internet users for the award with a video message and was charmingly supported by Superstar, Kylie Minogue.
With the OnlineStar 2001, was able to successfully defend its title from last year, hence proving its continuity in user friendliness, innovation and entertainment.

The Website is designed and managed by the Internet company e-tv on behalf of “TV total” producer RAAB TV.

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