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Mittwoch, 19. September 2001

Returning at last – "Die Wochenshow"

The summer recess is over and from now on "Die Wochenshow" presents itself with a completely new look. With the brand-new studio set, a spanking new team appears in front of the camera for the very first time: the well-known "Wochenshow" stars, Ingolf Lück and Annette Frier, will in future be joining forces with comedians Michael Kessler, Nadja Maleh, Gerhard G. Gschwind and Bürger Lars Dietrich.

New characters, sections, parodies "Schlimm Schäbig" provides radical Beat and cool Rap. Bürger Lars Dietrich parodies Slim Shady, alias Eminem – the evil eminence of white Hip-Hop in America.
And as the "King of Women", Gerhard G. Gschwind is the pushy disco dude, a loser who will never really be able to win over the heart of a woman.
In the new series, Michael Kessler will be strutting his stuff as German Foreign Minister, Joschka Fischer. And "Die Wochenshow" will soon offer a regular look into the future –with Nadja Maleh as an Oriental fortune-teller.

The familiar, the proven and the tested
"Die Wochenshow" will continue to review all the events from politics, sports and society and parody – to perfection – its protagonists. As usual, Ingolf Lück is the charming anchorman reading the most explosive "News" of the week, and the unparalleled Annette Frier presents the weirdest events in sports. These two comedians will also continue the sections "Ähm TV Lushi", with VJ Krätze (Ingolf Lück as host/handball player Stefan Kretzschmar) and "Geh ran" with Dana Rama (Annette Frier as the "Hottest Woman of the East"). And beloved studio guests such as Germany’s fashion victim politician, Angela Merkel (Annette Frier), will continue to contribute towards the show.

From September 22 again at 10:15 p.m. on Sat.1: "Die Wochenshow".

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