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Mittwoch, 12. September 2001

Shareholding in Spotting Image

BRAINPOOL TV AG is further expanding its value chain and has purchased an initial 26% participation in Spotting Image GmbH, Cologne. With this acquisition BRAINPOOL has opened up the segment of radio, important for the utilisation of its contents. The option for a further 25% is to be exercised at the beginning of next year.

Spotting Image produces comedies, infotainment series, radio plays, audio books, advertising spots and jingle packages and sells these to radio, TV and stage. Spotting Image was founded in 1997 by Oliver Versch, the former Chief of entertainment of Radio NRW.Spotting Image manages and produces the comedian "Richie" who has, so far, sold more than 700,000 CDs and was awarded a golden record for his single "Supa Richie". In addition to the current radio comedy "Supa News with Richie" the successful telephone comedy "Vorsicht Bommel!" reaches a daily 5 million listeners. Spotting Image licenses its audio products to all private and public radio stations with a big listening reach in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

As a successful producer of children´s programmes, Spotting Image is also the exclusive radio play licensee of the popular brand "Diddl Maus". In September 2000, the first radio play "Alles Okäse auf Diddl´s Geburtstagsparty" was produced and it sold 70,000 copies alone via stationery shops. Following this compelling success, the second of a series of further radio play adventures will appear on the market in October 2001.

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