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Mittwoch, 17. Dezember 2003

Comedy and Rock’n’Roll: Merry Christmas with Anke Engelke at "Danke Anke!"

In 2003 Sat.1 will once again be presenting its popular Christmas show with Anke Engelke in her "best role" as a charming, funny and entertaining hostess. She will lead the way through a Christmas gala chock full of laughs, entertainment and dazzling guest stars: from comedian to film star, from romantic violinist to cool rock ’n roller – all will stop by bearing gifts and sharing Christmas music or simply bringing good cheer.

Germany’s most attractive female film star, Katja Riemann, will be telling Anke about her upcoming career plans. She won the "Golden Palm" this year in Venice for her outstanding work as an actress. But she’s also an accomplished musician, on the road to success with her "Katja Riemann Octet".

Comedy colleague and Christmas fan Michael Mittermeier will celebrate his TV comeback, exclusively on Anke Engelke’s show. After one year’s absence from the screen, he will present his new program for the first time on "Danke Anke!". His wife Gudrun, alias Somersault, will perform a track from her new album, "By Your Side".

German-American dream couple Dana and Til Schweiger will also honor Anke with a visit. They have just moved back from Malibu and are now living in Hamburg with their four children. They’ll be chatting with Anke Engelke about the differences between Christmas in Germany and America and about their future plans.

Also dropping in briefly to see his favorite colleague, Anke Engelke, will be TV host Stefan Raab. As always, his slogan is: "We’re running out of time!" Nevertheless, he will bring with him some footage from this year’s funniest shoot: Anke and Stefan go Christmas shopping! It’s worth making time for!

Pop star Sasha has already put in a sparkling appearance at Anke’s party once before. This time he’s coming in the guise of bDick Brave with his band, bThe Backbeats, to get the party really rocking!

What woman doesn’t dream of spending a day withAndré Rieu? For Anke Engelke it was a dream come true when she spent an entire day as personal assistant to the Belgian star violinist. She ironed his shirts, made him coffee, polished his violin, chased the paparazzi away... Are the two soon to go public as the new show business dream team? Or is Rieu already frantically searching for a new assistant?

Men and women are simply not made to get along! This is perfectly clear once we see how Atze Schröder and Anke Engelke celebrate Christmas together. It’s like two worlds colliding. And not only because Atze is much more civilized than Anke!

Last but not least, Star Search winner and stand-up comedian Ingo Oschmann will let "Danke Anke!" viewers know just what he thinks of Christmas.

The big Sat.1 Christmas Party with Anke Engelke -- comedy & rock ’n roll, with guest stars including Michael Mittermeier, Sasha, Til Schweiger, André Rieu, Atze Schröder and Ingo Oschmann, on Tuesday, 23 December 2003 at 8:15 p.m.

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