Presse / 2003

Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2003

BRAINPOOL produces new Pro Sieben Show with Oliver Pocher

Need a babysitter, pizza deliveryman, or just someone to carry your old heater out of the basement? Are you looking for a third person to play cards with or a male model for a lingerie party? Oliver Pocher will be more than pleased to help you out!

The TV host and comedian places himself at the disposal of his viewers in "Rent a Pocher" from April 3. And all this week after week, every Thursday at 11:15 pm on Pro Sieben. Anyone can rent this multi-talented lad – free of charge, of course. And he also helps the studio audience out of difficult situations. Even celebrity guests put him to the test...

24-year-old Oliver Pocher has been known by viewers as one of the most original and quick-witted VIVA presenters for years. He proved himself to have a huge potential as an entertainer with his show "Alles Pocher,… oder was?" (Nothing but Pure Pocher) up until the end of last year.

"Rent a Pocher" - the 12-part comedy show with Oliver Pocher - every Thursday, 11:15 pm on Pro Sieben.

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