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Montag, 08. November 2004

Now SHE is holding the bouquet of roses! “Bachelorette – Die Traumfrau” (Bachelorette – The Dream Woman) kicks off on RTL on November 10, 2004

Monica really is a dream woman. The 27-year-old beauty has a fabulous smile, blue eyes and a breathtaking figure. In "Bachelorette – Die Traumfrau", she will now have the opportunity to find Mr. Right. Following the huge success of "The Bachelor" last year, BRAINPOOL is once again producing this seven-part series about love and romance on behalf of RTL. "Bachelorette - die Traumfrau" – every Wednesday at 8:45 p.m. on RTL.

A total of 25 single men have traveled to the South of France to spend time with Monica. They are charming, educated and determined. They are lawyers, police officers, singers, professional beach volleyball players, fashion buyers and journalists. And they all have one objective in mind: they hope to take the heart of Bachelorette Monica by storm. As in "The Bachelor", the Bachelorette will also spend seven weeks in a dream villa on the Côte d’Azur.
To get to know the individual men more closely, Monica will invite then on various single and group dates. Together, they will cruise through Cannes on a Vespa, spend a romantic day at the beach, visit a polo tournament in St. Tropez, cook dinner together at the villa or relax during an intimate spa day. These are the dates where initial feelings will start to develop and where it will transpire with whom Monica is on the same wavelength.
Only four men will have the opportunity of introducing Monica to their families and to show her their home towns. The last three chosen ones will then go on "dream dates" with the Bachelorette. These individual dates will take place in dream locations outside France. The two finalists will then have the honor of meeting Monica’s family. What will Monica’s parents think of her decision? What good advice will her family give her?
But before it comes to this, Monica has to make a choice: in the "Night of the Roses", she will pin a rose to the lapel of those men she would like to get to know better. Which of the 25 candidates will finally win her heart?

Last years, up to 5.23 million viewers tuned in to watch the first series of "The Bachelor". Single Marcel had to make the big decision and finally fell in love with Berlin chimney sweep, Juliane.

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