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Montag, 29. November 2004

Raab makes it all wet ...

Together with Ben, Elton, Simon Gosejohann, Claude Oliver Rudolph, Thomas Rupprath, Mundstuhl, Stev Theloke, Bürger Lars Dietrich and many others, Stefan Raab falls boldly into the cold and wet. LIVE from Munich: "The great TV total high dive", presented by Ingolf Lück, Sonya Kraus and Oliver Pocher – on Thursday, 16th December 2004, at 8.15 p.m. on ProSieben

Whether twisting, diving or turning – "they all come down in the end!" That is the motto of the latest sporting event created by and featuring Stefan Raab. After making the half somersault a social norm in "Raab in Gefahr", The "TV total" presenter is now challenging Elton, singer Ben, comedian Simon Gosejohann, world swimming champion Thomas Rupprath, middleweight boxer Felix Sturm and actor Bürger Lars Dietrich, as well as the pairings of Charlotte/Peer Kusmagk, the Mundstuhl-Duo, the hockey Olympic champions Anke Kühn and Silke Müller, pole vaulters Danny Ecker/Lars Börgeling, Olympia medal winners Sandra Völker/Stev Theloke and many more, in "The great TV total high dive". In the Olympic swimming pool in Munich, the sporting celebrities show, in individual and synchronised competition, that they are anything but scared of water. The initiator and multi-sportsman himself appears in both competitions, teaming up with Elton in the synchronised diving. Is it possible that one of the VIPs will fall boldly from the ten-metre board? One thing for sure: Before Stefan Raab and his opponents start, they will be practising hard. At various locations in Germany, all the participants will be supported by trainers from the Deutschen Schwimm-Verbands (DSV) [German swimming association] – who will be busy preparing the candidates for the day. Only those who can make a perfect figure with the somersault, backflip and twist will have a chance at the title – no splashing allowed! Since: Nothing escapes the eye of the experienced judges. The live presentation trio, Sonya Kraus, Ingolf Lück and Oliver Pocher, will be leading you through this wet live event on 16th December 2004, assisted by the commentator Ron Ringguth. This major sporting spectacle will be rounded off with music from the megastar Kylie Minogue, "SSDSGPS" winner Max the freshly chosen "Popstars" band.

"The great TV total high dive" in the Munich Olympic swimming pool – on Thursday, 16th December 2004, at 8.15 p.m. LIVE on ProSieben!

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