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Montag, 11. Oktober 2004

Monday evening is all about the "Boss"! “Stromberg” is launched on October 11, 2004 on ProSieben


Big meeting with Christoph Maria Herbst: Monday evening, at 9:45 p.m. sees the launch of “Stromberg”, the new ProSieben comedy series about the everyday madness of working in an office. At the center of “Stromberg” is a boss you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy: Bernd Stromberg (Christoph Maria Herbst). He is sarcastic to the quick, an unrivalled egocentric and determined to the tips of his fingers – particularly when it comes to his own interests.

Bernd Stromberg is head of resources for “Capitol” insurance, responsible for processing claims – M through Z – and is determined to take over the entire department, including A through L. Not a problem for somebody like Stromberg, because he believes himself to be the perfect boss: in principle, always available for his employees, always with an open ear and competent, not just in questions of insurance matters, but also in all aspects of office life – including, of course, those that are none of his business. The only person he still has to convince of his skills is his boss, Ms Berkel.

Stromberg’s superior is a woman, namely Ms Tatjana Berkel (Tatjana Alexandra), lovingly called “Tubercul” or “Eva Braun” by Stromberg. Whenever dealing with her, Stromberg is constantly trying to cover up his professional incompetence. In return, she regularly points out that – in the battle for the job of the overall head of the department – Stromberg is way behind his competitor, Turculu. Nevertheless, Stromberg remains convinced that “Tubercul” has the hots for him.

The Turk, Sinan Turculu (Sinan Akkus), is the head of resources for the “losers from A through L”, and is Stromberg’s biggest competitor in his battle for control of the entire department. However, the immaculately dressed and behaved Mr. Turculu has a somewhat more relaxed attitude towards this “competition”.

Stromberg is more or less supported by his employees: Ernie, Ulf, Tanja and Erika. Berthold “Ernie” Heisterkamp (Bjaerne I. Mädel) is, at least this is what Stromberg believes, his most loyal employee. In contrast, his colleagues prefer to call Ernie “ass kisser” or “amoeba”. His mother always knows what is best for him and this is the reason he has never had a girlfriend. He is also able to “hit it off with” the object of his passion, Tanja. Actually, Ernie has nothing to laugh about in life. Tanja Seifert (Diana Staehly) has an open ear or a bar of chocolate for everybody – apart from her boss, Stromberg, although she has her hands full with her own problems: she has just split up with her childhood sweetheart and has still not gotten over it. For this reason, she chooses to ignore the blatant attempts of her colleagues to woo her, allowing only Ulf to console her from time to time. Ulf Steinke (Oliver K. Wnuk) has only one vocational objective: to ensure that his work day is as comfortable as possible. His preferred activity is teasing and annoying Ernie. Or he – more or less charmingly – tries to get his colleague Tanja into bed. But she has so far not taken the bait, so he has taken to trawling the other departments for amorous distractions. The good spirit of the department is Erika Burstedt (Martina Eitner-Acheampong). Erika openly talks about her Rubensque figure and speaks her mind. For the mother of the group, the office is a welcome distraction from her screwed-up marriage and her sorry excuse for a daughter.

“Stromberg” is a BRAINPOOL TV GmbH production, on behalf of ProSieben.

“Stromberg” – eight episodes starting on October 11, 2004, every Monday at 9:45 p.m. on ProSieben.

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