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Montag, 03. Januar 2005

"Axel! will’s wissen" (Axel wants to know!) The continuation of the comedy series with Axel Stein

"Axel!" – is the Sat.1 comedy series with the hugely successful Axel Stein in the role "of his life"! Now there are 13 new episodes – with totally new situations. Because in "Axel! will’s wissen" (starts on January 7, 2005, at 9:45 p.m.) Axel almost experiences – after his chaotic, but cool school years with real friends and teenage love – the more serious side of life: his first job as a trainee.

After all, Axel now has his high school graduation diploma under his belt and a hot chick on his arm, with whom he even shares a home now. Yvonne (Sabine Pfeifer) is the woman of Axel’s dreams because she is smart, great-looking and loves watching Formula One with Axel – even though she normally falls asleep half way through. The fact that she is studying for an MBA – well, Axel is able to forgive that sin, seeing as she is witty and actually seems to love Axel. However, living with Yvonne does mean that he has to cohabit with the dog, Balou, and – which is much worse – now lives next door to his "parents in law" Inge (Petra Zieser) and Robert (Christian Tasche). But the real killer is that Yvonne’s father Robert also happens to be in charge of the DIY store where Axel is doing his internship.

So, although Axel is finally no longer battling with pedantic teachers and his school party, he has plenty of hassle with his evil father-in-law at home and a merciless boss at the DIY store, who has absolutely nothing good to say about his daughter’s boyfriend.
And this despite the fact that Axel tries his very best to do things right at work. Is it his fault that his "slimy colleague" Mr. Marsch (Michael Kessler) always blames trainee Axel for everything that goes wrong? And even Mütze (Matthias Komm), his "boring colleague" is not really able to provide Axel with much support.

A ray of sunshine in the drab everyday world of the DIY store is the visits of "best buddy" Bong (Daniel Wiemer), who – like Axel – is a trainee and, as an aspiring plumber, purchases his materials from Axel.

The fourth season of "Axel!" has not only further developed itself in terms of contents, it has also formally become a classical sitcom series. "Axel! will’s wissen" is all about the comedy in the everyday life of a young and madly in love adult. Main protagonist Axel repeatedly fails amusingly in the fine balancing act between his life as a trainee, as a best pal, son-in-law, lover and friend. And Axel’s maxim in life continues to be his tireless attempts to not grow up too quickly.

"Axel! will’s wissen" – 13 new episodes on Sat.1 from January 7, at 9:45 p.m.

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