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Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2005

Christoph Maria Herbst nominated for the Grimme Award

For "his convincing comedic performance as an actor and parodist as well as for his improvisation talent", "Stromberg" actor Christoph Maria Herbst has been nominated for the "Special Grimme Award". In 2002, he received the "German Comedy Award" as "Best Supporting Role" in "Ladykracher” (Ladycracker).

In 2004, Christoph Maria Herbst appeared predominantly in "Stromberg" (ProSieben/ BRAINPOOL), the comedy series about the normal "madness of office life". The focus of "Stromberg" is the boss you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy: Bernd Stromberg (Christoph Maria Herbst). He is sarcastic to the mark, selfish to the point of perfection and determined down to the tips of his toes – particularly if the situation revolves around his own interests. Season One of "Stromberg" was aired between October 11 and December 20, 2004 on ProSieben. Between 2001 and 2003, Christoph Maria Herbst appeared alongside Anke Engelke in numerous sketches in "Ladykracher" (Sat.1/BRAINPOOL). Among other prizes, "Ladykracher" received the "German Television Award", the "German Comedy Award" and was nominated for an "International Emmy".

Also nominated for the "Special Grimme Award" are Klaus Michael Heinz, Nina Moghaddam, Beate Langmaack, Werner Thal, Corinna, Marlene and Moritz Beilhard, G. Rag Y Los Hermanos Patchekos, Pit Rampelt and Dirk Eggers, Ullrich H. Kasten, Béatrice Jean-Philippe, Benedikt Kuby, Rüdiger Lorenz and Tilman Steiner, Thomas Grimm, Carsten Sostmeier, Karsten Migeld and Jens Heppner, Gert Scobel and Hendrik Hey.

BRAINPOOL has already received this coveted awarded twice before: in 1999, "Die Harald Schmidt Show" (The Harald Schmidt Show) and Anke Engelke for "Die Wochenshow" (The Weekly Show – Sat.1/BRAINPOOL) were presented with the "Grimme Award" and the "Special Grimme Award" respectively.

The presentation ceremony for the "41st Adolf Grimme Award" will be taking place on March 3, 2005 at the Theater in Marl.

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