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Dienstag, 25. Januar 2005

New broadcasting slot for "Mein neuer Freund" (My New Best Friend) on ProSieben

Comedy reality show kicks off again on February 24
"Mein neuer Freund", with Christian Ulmen, has a new broadcasting slot: from February 24, 2005, ProSieben will be airing one of the eight episodes of the comedy reality show every Thursday at 11:15 p.m.

Christian Ulmen is "Mein neuer Freund" (My New Best Friend), but nobody wants him as a friend unless there’s money involved! Because sticking it out for a whole weekend is well worth it: the reward being € 10,000! € 10,000 for a weekend with a total stranger is not an indecent proposal. For those that dare and pretend to family and friends that this is their new best friend definitely deserve the prize money! What none of the candidates knows, and must never discover, is that the new best friend is a cleverly disguised Christian Ulmen! He will do everything in his power to ensure that the weekend is hell for his "victim" and will only reveal his true identity on the third day.
Whether as therapist and motivational coach Veith, as dim-witted, good-for-nothing Ecke, as unsuccessful sole entertainer Knut Hansen or as alien-obsessed American Collin Brown, as IT geek Marcel, as big-mouth Jürgen Wegmann, as rich heir Alexander von Eich or as congenial, very attractive Martina Kandel: Christian Ulmen is convincing every weekend in the role of New Best Friend. His only objective: to behave as appallingly as possible. But the candidates endure all his moods and firmly grit their teeth, be this at home, at a party or over Sunday lunch with Mom and Dad – the task is to con friends and relatives into believing that this is a true friendship. However, the candidates’ bravery is not quite selfless: there is a cool € 10,000 for the person who endures all the escapades of the supposed new friend and sticks it out for three whole days. Those unable to keep their cool can put a stop to the nerve-wracking game at any time. So, they have the choice one way or another. Hidden cameras keep track of events and reactions. The English original was awarded the Rose d’Or in Lucerne in 2004.

"Mein neuer Freund" is a BRAINPOOL TV GmbH production, on behalf of ProSieben.

"Mein neuer Freund" – eight episodes from February 24, 2005, every Thursday at 11:15 p.m. on ProSieben

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