Presse / 2005

Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2005

ProSieben and Stefan Raab extend contract until the end of 2007

ProSieben total is the name of the game for Stefan Raab until the end of 2007. ProSieben CEO, Dejan Jocic, and Grimme Award winner, entertainer, successful producer and Wok World Champion, Stefan Raab, have extended their cooperation contract by another two years. "TV total" has been produced since March 1999 by "Raab TV", the joint production company owned and operated by Stefan Raab and BRAINPOOL.

ProSieben CEO, Dejan Jocic: "Stefan Raab and his infinite creativity are an integral part of our programming. I already look forward to numerous new and fabulous "TV total" events and, of course, the daily installment of Raab, for which many are envious of us."

Stefan Raab: "I look forward to a further two years of collaborating with ProSieben, because for our tenth anniversary, I will be awarded one day’s special leave. And it would be really stupid of me to stop now."

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