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Freitag, 21. Oktober 2005

Celebrities Dance to Oliver Pocher’s Tune

"Could I ask for the next dance?": entertainer Oliver Pocher invites guests to the ultimate dance contest. And shimmying up to compete are the two jungle queens Désirée Nick and Caroline Beil, singer Lucy Diakovska ("No Angels"), heartthrob Oli. P, presenter Ralph Morgenstern – and "Miss Rio de Janeiro" Jana Ina and husband Giovanni ("Bro’Sis") ... Which of these VIPs performs the best dance will be revealed in "The Grand ProSieben Dance Contest" LIVE from the historic city hall in Wuppertal – on Saturday, October 29, 2005, at 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben.

Under the strict scrutiny of the jury, the celebrities will have to compete in two categories: "Standard" (Slow Waltz) and "Latin American" (Cha-Cha-Cha). Who has the best posture, who has the most refined technique and who has the hottest swing of the hips? But whether in the compulsory or the free sections – only those with rhythm in their veins will win! Host Olli "Night Fever" Pocher: "What do you get if you cross Detlef D! Soost, Fred Astaire and Shakira? Correct: Oliver Pocher! Albeit thinner than Detlef D! Soost, younger than Fred Astaire and hotter than Shakira! For those of you who don’t believe it: the Grand ProSieben Dance Contest on October 29 will provide the proof." Presenter Sonya Kraus will be reporting live from the "green room". After all, the former ballerina knows how to boogie...

No pain – no gain: for "The Grand ProSieben Dance Contest", the celebrity shakers will visit the high school of Tango, Waltz and co. Together with an experienced competition dancer, the Waltz VIPs will visit a dance school of their choice. There, the first lesson will be that excellent control is the alpha and omega – and not just in prison!

Promis tanzen nach Pocher’s Pfeife: "The Grand ProSieben Dance Contest" – LIVE on Saturday, October 29, 2005, at 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben. All dance enthusiasts can secure tickets for the LIVE event in Wuppertal by calling 0221/ 9405 7733 or logging onto All further information and picture materials are available on

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