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Mittwoch, 19. April 2006

"Rose d’Or 2006": Three nominations for BRAINPOOL

The BRAINPOOL productions "Pastewka", "Stars in Danger" and "Pastewka" star Bastian Pastewka have been nominated for the international television award "Rose D’Or". The awards ceremony will be held on 29 April 2006 in Lucerne.
The comedy series "Pastewka" (SAT.1) is competing for the "Golden Rose" in the "Sitcom" category. Leading actor Bastian Pastewka has been nominated for the "Best Sitcom Actor" award in the "Best Performer" category. "Stars in Danger" (Pro7) was nominated in the "Variety" category.

"Stars in Danger" is a so-called umbrella brand which comprises the "TV total" events "Die große TV total Stock Car Challenge" ("The TV total Stock Car Challenge"), "Das große TV total Turmspringen" ("The TV total High Diving Competition"), "Die Wok-Weltmeisterschaften" ("The Wok World Championships") and the show jumping competition "TV total Championat".

BRAINPOOL comedy productions have already enjoyed great success in the past at the largest festival of TV entertainment: Stefan Raab’s "TV total" was awarded the "Bronze Rose" in 2001, and "Mircomania" starring Mirco Nontschew received the "Silver Rose" in that same year. "Ladykracher", "Die Wochenshow" ("The Week Show"), "Axel!", "Alt & Durchgeknallt" ("Old & Crazy"), "Die Ingo Appelt Show", "Anke – Die Comedyserie" ("Anke – The Comedy Series" and "Der Doc" ("The Doc") were even nominated several times.

The "Rose D’Or" is one of the world’s most renowned television awards in the entertainment industry. Nominees and winners are chosen by a jury of television critics and media experts. Of 335 formats submitted, 105 have been selected to compete for the golden roses this year. A total of 12 productions from Germany were nominated this time around.

The awards ceremony will take place during the 46th International Television Festival “Rose D’Or” in Lucerne from 25-30 April 2006.

BRAINPOOL is also recording the comedy documentary "Die beste Comedy der Welt" ("The World’s Best Comedy") with Mirja Boes at the festival, featuring the stars, shows and winners. It will be broadcast on 12 May 2006 from 11:15 p.m.-12:15 a.m. on Sat 1.

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