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Freitag, 10. Februar 2006

Berlin rocks! "Seeed" wins the "Bundesvision Song Contest 2006"

Wetzlar, February 9, 2006. A huge fanfare in the capital! At 11:50 p.m., initiator and presenter Stefan Raab announced the winner of the "Bundesvision Song Contest 2006" (Federal Song Contest). "Seeed" from Berlin won with their hit "Ding" (Thing)! "We are so proud to have won here in the Hesse town of Wetzlar, as we regard this competition as extremely important. It is great that we have an event like this." Second place went to "Revolverheld" from Bremen with "Freunde bleiben" (Staying Friends), with third place going to Gothic rock band "In Extremo" from Thuringia with their song "Liam".

Up to 3.27 million viewers ages 3 an older watched the live show on ProSieben. In the target group of 14-49-year-olds, the market share averaged 18.3 percent, even rising to 34.6 percent at peak times. The market share among 14-29-year-old viewers averaged 31.7 percent. With these viewer ratings, the Munich-based broadcaster was clearly the primetime leader on Thursday evening.

Stefan Raab promised an "extraordinary spectacle" and it really turned out to be an extraordinary spectacle! A total of 16 unique music acts from the 16 Federal states competed against each other on Thursday evening at the "Mittelhessen Arena" in Wetzlar. And they all wanted just one thing: to take home the trophy for their Federal state and hence host the next "Bundesvision Song Contest"! Flags, posters and loud cheering: the atmosphere in the hall was electric when Stefan Raab and his co-presenter, Janin Reinhardt, welcomed the viewers in the hall and at home. And the atmosphere was intense in the individual Federal states as well! At the various "Bundesvision Song Contest" parties, the bands were encouraged by the local compatriots. The most prominent support probably came from the state of Lower Saxony. State President Christian Wulff himself crossed his fingers for his candidate Marlon: the "Bundesvision Song Contest" is a huge platform for German music. And, of course, we hope that Marlon will win this evening".

It was, above all, the individual groups of fans who had traveled all the way from their home states who transformed the "Mittelhessen Arena" in Wetzlar into an electrifying experience. The viewers in Brandenburg showed their solidarity with their candidate Diane ("Hast du kurz Zeit?" – Do you have a moment?) and all turned up – mirroring the color of her hair – in bright-red wigs. Meanwhile, the Lower Saxony group of fans loudly battled it out with the Bavarians. Countering the obligatory "Zieht den Bayern die Lederhosen aus" (strip the Bavarians of their lederhosen), the Bavarians fans of "tiptop" ("tiptop") countered with a never-ending avalanche of "tiptop" calls.

And the points allocation was more than exciting. The viewers voted in such a way that Berlin, Thuringia and Bremen were battling it out in a heated head-to-head race all the way to the very end. But in the end it was the dancehall sensation "Seeed" who took the trophy. Stefan Raab: "Congratulations to ‘Seeed’. This means that we will be going to Berlin next year. Although I do have some concerns: I hear the Olympic Hall is not exactly in great shape... I would like to also thank all the bands for their courage in coming here and performing this evening. It has been a smashing evening."

And here are the final scores for the "Bundesvision Song Contest" 2006

1. Seeed, Berlin, "Ding" (Thing), 151 points
2. Revolverheld, Bremen, "Freunde bleiben" (Staying Friends), 136 points
3. In Extremo, Thuringia, "Liam", 134 points
4. Nadja Benaisse, Hesse, "Ich hab’ dich" (I’ve got you), 104 points
5. OleSoul, Hamburg, "Zwischen Hamburg und Cologne" (Between Hamburg and Cologne), 70 points
6. Marlon, Lower Saxony, "Was immer du willst" (Whatever you want), 59 points
7. Tiptop, Bavaria, "tiptop", 53 points
8. Pyranja, Mecklenburg West Pomerania, "Nie wieder" (Never again), 50 points
9. Massive Töne, Baden-Württemberg, "Mein Job" (My job), 47 points
10. Diane, Brandenburg, "Hast du kurz Zeit?" (Do you have a moment?), 35 points
11. TempEau, Schleswig-Holstein, "Schöner Tag" (Beautiful day), 26 points
12. 200Sachen, Rhineland-Palatinate, "Sekt zum Frühstück" (Champagne for breakfast), 18 points
13. Reminder, Saarland, "Augen zu und rein" (Close your eyes and enter), 17 points
14. Toni Kater, Saxony-Anhalt, "Liebe ist" (Love Is), 12 points
15. Die Raketen, Saxony, "Popsong", 10 points
16. AK4711, North Rhine-Westphalia, "Kein schönerer Land" (No Nicer Country), 6 points

Basis: all German television households (integrated television panel D + EU)
Source: AGF / GfK Fernsehforschung / pc#tv aktuell / SevenOne Media Marketing & Research
Created: 30.01.2006 (provisionally weighted: 29.01.2006)

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